The World’s 5 Best Cities for Mind Blowing Street Food

Unless you are a rookie traveller, you will understand the fact that street food goes well beyond simple snacks. In some of the countries we are going to look at in this piece, some of the street food is considered a national symbol; their street food culture is something they are very proud of.  Here are the top 5 places you need to be if you want to sample some of the most famous and great tasting street food in the entire world.

Penang, Malaysia

For many people going to Malaysia, Penang, is somewhere down the to do list. Interestingly, it is one of the best street food spots on the continent.  This is thanks to the evenly balanced mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnicities who have turned the region into one with arguably the best multicultural cuisine anywhere.  Probably the best street food, food always leaving you wanting more, can be found in The Little India and Chinatown regions of Georgetown.  Our suggestion on the best foods to try here include:

  • The satay (can be made of pork, chicken or beef)
  • The roti (Indian styled flat bread)
  • Assam laksa (spicy and sour fish soup)
  • Char koay teow (stir-fried rice noodles)

Istanbul, Turkey

With its position in-between two continents, it is no surprise that Istanbul is the place to be for people looking for top quality street food. There is a huge variety of options, from the fish sandwiches to the lamb, beef or chicken on skewers.  There is also simit, (ring-shaped bread, topped with toasted sesame seeds) and midye dolma (stuffed mussels) to keep you fed whenever you need a break from the sights and sounds!

Singapore, Singapore

If you are considering travelling to South East Asia, Singapore is undoubtedly the place to be. Its street food market has a long history that has shaped the lives of the local people.

The city’s cuisine benefits from its position in Southeast Asia. In fact, it houses a multi-cultured mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Peranakan natives.  Some of the specialties you must have when you visit Singapore include:

  • The  Satay  (sticks of grilled and marinated meat often served with a  peanut sauce)
  • The ever spicy Pernaka noodle soup, known as the laksa
  • The chile crabs, which often come garnished with a fiery paste (very garlicky!)
  • The Hainanese Chicken Rice (made up of steamed chicken and a jelly-like combo of rice, cucumber and pounded ginger).

If you only eat one of these make sure it is the laksa!


Marrakech, Morocco

If you are in Marrakech and are looking for the best street food, go to the main square. It is known as Djemaa el Fna and is sure to provide you with an avalanche of delicacies to savour, thanks to the 100+ food stalls offering a variety of Moroccan cuisine.  The items on the menu vary depending on time of the day.

In the morning, you can try freshly squeezed orange juice. By noon, brochettes, kebabs and eggplant are the chief items on the menu.  The evenings bring out the best in the street food here with the tanging chicken, Shawarma, lamb, snails, harira soup amongst the best meals you can have here.  The harira soup, which is a tomato-based spice chickpea soup is a favourite for many travellers.

Palermo, Sicily

Italian cuisine is one of the most loved in the world. However, there isn’t much of a street food culture in the country. Only Palermo in Sicily can offer something to rival some of the experiences you are able to enjoy in Asia. Some of the most interesting delicacies here are the cardoni, (fried cardoon), panelle (fried chick pea pancake), croche (fried potato balls) and the Arancini (fried rice balls stuffed with meat sauce and cheese).

Our top 5 cities cut across continents but thanks to companies like Expedia, you don’t have to worry about finding the best place to stay. Pick one of these cities, and with the help of some of the most mind blowing street food you will enjoy a bliss-filled travel experience!