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  • Why Shopping Retro Is Great For The Planet

    Vintage shopping and the art of thrift shopping is officially trendy; from Kylie Jenner to Meghan Markle, everyone is looking to the past for timeless, retro items and fashion inspiration. While it’s on-trend to reclaim and upcycle a designer vintage clothing item or shopping for vintage clothing online, you are also supporting the fight against […]

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  • Women of Van Gogh

    Why do people make art? As surprising and diverse as the answers may be, one thing is clear: art is a way for people to express themselves. Art helps people bring out the essence and significance of things in their life – it comes in all shapes and forms! The categories of art include literature, […]

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  • Benefits Of Having A Fly Sheet For Horse

    When it comes to the warmer months, flies and other biting insects become a huge annoyance for horse owners. Risking their horse’s health, fly sheets for horses have become a blessing for the spring and summer seasons. Alongside their core purpose, we delve into the various additional benefits that you are likely to notice from […]

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  • 3 Reasons to Use Propane Fuel

    Propane is an incredible fuel source that many people aren’t getting the full use out of.  Whether you’re not sure how to get it, or you don’t know how much it could do for you or your family, it’s a good idea not to underestimate this fuel source!  Propane has been in use for over […]

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  • A First timer’s Guide To Sydney

    Sydney is Australia’s largest city and is often one of the favorite spots of travelers who are visiting Australia for the first time.  It presents its tourists with more than just a great view. Sydney is a charming city that has a unique blend of golden beaches,  picturesque harbor, and an impressive skyline.  Due to […]