Discovering 5 Home Design Trends with Sleeping Dog Properties

When one thinks about design trends, one word that comes to mind is temporary. However, as we move through 2023, the emerging home trends are anything but temporary. These designs are here to stay because of how our world has been shaped in the past few years. 

In this article, we outline 5 emerging home design trends that we believe are here to stay. To develop this list, we sought out the opinion of a design-build contractor based in Boston, Sleeping Dog Properties. As the leading design-build contractors in the region, their views have been formed by their own professional experience and from observing the needs of their clients, which include, in addition to homeowners, leading architects, and interior designers. 

Home Office Spaces

Though people were forced indoors by the pandemic, their work had to continue. As WFH became the new normal, more and more people started to set up dedicated workspaces within their homes. During and after the pandemic, Sleeping Dog Properties received several requests for setting up home office spaces. As the company regularly works with commercial clients, they were prepared to meet the growing demand. 

Based on the projects completed by Sleeping Dog Properties in the past three years, four popular methods of styling home office spaces have emerged. This includes modern, transitional, chic, and rustic farmhouse decor styles. 

A modern office space emphasizes minimalism, as a lack of clutter is known to boost productivity. This design is marked by clean lines and light color palettes. Similar to minimalism, chic maintains the minimalism of a modern office space but makes it more fun with colorful and bold colors, supplemented by bright décor. 

The rustic farmhouse design emphasizes creating a visually relaxed environment. It creates an aura of comfort by capitalizing on natural materials. The transitional style, on the other hand, is a spin on a traditional design but sprinkles a pop of color across a neutral palette. Rigid lines are complemented with curved finishing, and the result is a juxtaposition of the old and the new. 

  1. Flex Spaces

With so much work now getting done from the comfort of the home, it was also important to have dedicated fun spaces. After all, as the saying goes, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. These days people are increasingly coming up with unique uses for extra space in their homes. 

Though flex spaces are common in commercial buildings, flex spaces in homes could be used for a multitude of purposes. Sleeping Dog Properties clients requested them to turn their outdoor spaces and garages into guest houses, utility rooms, and you guessed it, at-home gyms. The company also converted garages into dedicated playrooms for kids and at-home cinemas. 

As the company prides itself on its client-centered approach, it’s always keen to hear what new and crazy ideas its clients have for their spare rooms. 

  1. Sustainability Features and Emphasis on Health

This is perhaps the most important emerging trend and one that is here to stay the longest. The pandemic and the global warming crisis have made people more healthy and eco-conscious. Sleeping Dog Properties saw an uptick in demand for airtight windows, extra layers of insulation, and carbon dioxide-absorbing houseplants. 

These minor changes are known to improve the energy efficiency of the house and also ensure that the air is clean inside the house. 

  1. Bold Color Palettes

Another impact of the global warming crisis is a want to return to nature. This newfound appreciation for our environment has also impacted design trends as people are now opting for bold colors that are often found in nature. This emerging trend can also be partly explained by the limited access to outdoor spaces in the past years, and the consequent need to create lively spaces indoors. 

Some of the popular earth tones include olive green, taupe, and navy blue. The Pantone Color Institute, keeping in line with the trend of ‘happy’ colors has named viva magenta as the color of the year for 2023, in recognition of its joyous and powerful nature. 

  1. Comfortable Home Design

With more people opting for cleaner air and sustainability features in their houses, the increased demand has birthed a new trend – passive home construction. Sleeping Dog Properties describes it as, “an approach to home design and construction that places an emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainability, and practicality.” 

This is marked by more people now paying attention to the behind-the-scenes features of their homes. This is also complemented by organic design styles in décor. Capitalizing on natural textures and smooth lines, organic minimalism ensures that the home of the future looks and runs in harmony with nature. 

About: Sleeping Dog Properties is a design-build general contractor with nearly 30 years in the construction industry. They have a reputation for a client-centered approach and are one of the leading construction service providers in the Boston area. If you are looking to incorporate any of the emerging trends in your home, reach out to Sleeping Dog Properties for an initial consultation. Their experts will help make your vision a reality.