Beatstro Teams Up With Rethink Food To Nourish South Bronx Migrants 

Since the spring of 2022, more than 100,000 migrants have been bused from Southern states like Florida and Texas to New York City. The city’s public resources have been stretched thin since the COVID-19 pandemic and these increased demands have put further strain on those resources. In response to this complex challenge, organizations like Rethink […]

What Are the Benefits of a Flexitarian Diet? 

Many people intuitively understand the benefits of vegetarian and/or vegan eating, but they don’t like the idea of cutting meat or animal products completely out of their diet. That’s why flexitarianism was pioneered; flexitarianism encourages people to live a vegetarian lifestyle as much as possible while allowing for occasional indulgences of meat. You can even […]

Iftar Deserts to Enjoy this Ramadan

It is often said that the route to a man or woman’s heart is through her stomach. The same could potentially be said if you want to understand another culture better. Despite being a time of fasting, Ramadan is also a celebration of food in the Islamic world, with some amazing feasts being held after […]

The 5 Wackiest Ways to Enjoy Chocolate

Chocolate is almost universally beloved. That’s due in part to its versatility. It stands on its own as a candy, whether you choose milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or the oft-derided white chocolate. Besides hot cocoa, chocolate makes an appearance in coffee, tea, milk, smoothies, and cocktails. And it’s an important component in ice cream, cookies, […]

5 Benefits of Meal Planning

Most Americans figure out what they’re going to eat on an hourly or daily basis. Meals are often chosen as a result of convenience – reaching for whatever is easiest. But research shows that meal planning is much more beneficial in both the short-term and the long-run. Making the Case for Meal Planning Meal planning […]

7 Tips for Developing Healthy Eating Habits

It’s daunting for many people to replace bad eating habits with healthy ones. The truth is that anyone can make good lifestyle changes with determination and patience. Eating healthily is one of the surest ways to prevent chronic diseases, stay alert and maintain an ideal weight. Without wasting time, here are the best ways to […]