Trend Alert: Decorating With Crystals And Geodes

Crystals and crystal-inspired designs are among the top décor trends of 2019 and their popularity is likely to carry over for a few years, but what exactly does one do with crystals? While you’re certainly free to just line your shelves with these sparkling specimens, with so many people adding crystals and geodes to their interiors, it’s always exciting to look for alternative ways to use and display these pieces.

Create A Crystal Garden

If crystals are one of the most popular home accents, then they’re competing for top billing with succulents and other plants. Why not combine the two, then? Large crystals can be used as planters, while smaller ones can be arranged in the dirt or on the table around an assortment of plants. The crystals add an additional layer of natural detail in this setting, and the same light your plants need to thrive will reflect beautifully off the facets of the crystals and geodes. 


When choosing crystals and geodes for display, be sure to source high-quality specimens from a trusted dealer. Because crystals have become so popular, many of the pieces on sale are artificial or modified so as to misrepresent what type of crystal they are. There’s hardly any real citrine on the market today, for example; most of it is heat treated amethyst. If you’re going to buy stones for your home, go for the real thing.

Bookend With Beauty

Are your books constantly falling over or toppling on the shelf? While you could invest in a basic set of metal bookends, large crystals and geodes offer a more beautiful solution. In particular, sliced geode bookends reveal their intricate centers, though cleanly cut crystals will also do a good job standing sentry. You can even create a coordinated office set with a geode paperweight and gilded geode slice coasters. These pieces will personalize your home or office, setting it apart from the pressboard bookshelves and cork coasters you’ll find elsewhere.

Set A Faux Fire

Many apartment dwellers have non-functional fireplaces and even those who have real fireplaces in their homes don’t use them year-round. If you’re looking to give your fireplace a second life, craft a backlit fireplace display from crystals for a flame-free fireplace. It’s a beautiful alternative, safe around pets and children, and a way to use up an otherwise empty space while demonstrating your creative flair.

Go DIY Style

If you’re still not sure what to do with your crystals and geodes, it might be time to try out your DIY skills. Some strong glue and a plain lamp base can be transformed into a stone studded masterpiece, while crystals with holes drilled through them can be used to accent your next macramé project. Or, if you’re more inclined to home improvement projects, smooth geode pieces can be used as drawer handles or crystal pieces can be inlaid into the edges of counters or tables – the possibilities are endless.

Crystal-driven décor is here to stay for a while, so take some time to style them in a way that works for your home. You wouldn’t just put out any blanket or pillow or pile flowers thoughtlessly on a counter; treat your crystals and geodes with the same care.