Top Tips for Selling Your DIY Creations

You have been cafting your homemade creations for years, gifting knitted scarves, candles or your trademark brownies to grateful friends and family. Have you considered taking the plunge and selling your DIY designs? A fabric cutter gives you the confidence to make that wonderful projects

With the rise of sites like Etsy, there is a real appetite for pieces made by hand. Customers want one-off pieces that stand out and home-baked treats rather than mass-produced products, and now is the perfect time to join the crafters selling their wares.

Here are some tips for getting started on selling.

You Have the Skills

While you might never have run your own business before, you know you have the skills to make the products you want to sell. So, no matter what you decide to do and where you want to set up your stall, you will always be able to make a great product.

What People Want

Before you try selling the things you make, do a trial run. Find out if people want to buy your product. You could do this by setting up a stall at a local market. By starting small, you can gauge the response.

If you find that you’ve sold out by lunchtime, you know you could be onto something. Once you know the things you make can sell, you can plan on growing your business.

It Can be a Smooth Process

There are plenty of crafters who decide to sell their makes and there are companies out there designed to help them. Post and courier services can ship your goods to where you want them to go and are crucial if you want to build your customer base.

If you decide to set up a mailing service, companies like Inxpress can create bespoke mailing deals that mean you can send your beautifully crafted creations around the UK and beyond.

Your Products are Pretty Special

Whatever you’re selling, whether it’s wonderful wooden creations or hand-sewn cushions, you know they’re special. Make the most of this by showing them off on a nifty website.

Showing potential buyers what you sell on your site can be easily done with some lovely photography. Light your homemade candles or hang your artwork and get snapping. Remember, filters are your friend. You don’t have to be an accomplished photographer, but you do have to be able to make your products look good.

Are you thinking of selling your homemade products and thinking of taking the plunge? Will you try some of these tips? You might want to know what fun projects you can do with a soldering iron.