Country Kitchen Island Design Ideas

You have heard about different styles of kitchen islands and the term “country kitchen” keeps coming up. What is a country kitchen and, more specifically, what is a country kitchen island? A country kitchen is set in warm, neutral tones, and soft lines. It has a rustic, yet refined look to it, and the kitchen island is no different. Read on to see some kitchen island ideas for your country kitchen remodel.

Wood You Like It?

A country kitchen island will usually include either a wooden base or a neutral base with a butcher block countertop to complete the country kitchen look. In general, kitchen islands are the focal point of the room and will pull together the whole kitchen, so it is imperative to make sure the kitchen island incorporates all the country elements.

Stylish Yet Practical

The kitchen island in a country kitchen must match or complement the rest of the room. Let’s say you have soft, white cabinets and a beige, marble countertop. Your kitchen island can be a slightly darker tone of beige or even a dark brown to complement the rest of the kitchen. Kitchen islands are the workhorses of the whole house and will take a beating. That’s why you should invest in a rugged material, such as quartz, for the island countertop.

Lighting is Key

One of the best ways to “countrify” a kitchen is with the light fixtures, especially over the kitchen island. Here you can really get creative, as long as the lighting is good and bright. Try an old-fashioned chandelier with candle-style lights. Or buy a couple of lanterns from a flea market or antique store and wire them for hanging over the kitchen island. This simple accessory is essential for remodelling your kitchen in the country style.

All of these ideas for your country kitchen will work if you have a kitchen island. If your kitchen is on the small side, and you only have room for a peninsula, rather than an island, you can still use some of these ideas, with slight adjustments. Try, for example, all of the bottom cabinets in wood, or installing marble countertops for the whole kitchen. However you decide to create your new space, you will certainly enjoy the warm feeling of walking into your country kitchen for many years to come.