Choosing the Perfect Desk for Your Home Office

When choosing a desk for your office, you do not have to follow strict rules but you need to consider a few things. Selecting the right desk will improve your décor and allow you to work efficiently. Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing the perfect desk:

Multiple Work Stations

If you are sharing your office with others, you will need more than one desk. You can opt for a desk that is large enough to fit many people. Triangular arrangements create a cooperative space but consume too much room. You should opt for a shared desk with different workstations separated by drawer units.

Ultra Slim Desk

If you need a workstation but do not have enough space, the best choice is an ultra slim desk. Unless you have to work for long periods, a table that is wide enough to fill out forms on will do. Make sure that you buy a desk that will fit into the corner of the room without looking like a workstation when not in use. Workstation-type desks are made to fit into tight corners when not in use.

Built-in Desks

You should choose a home office desk that integrates with the rest of your furniture. If your home office is part of the bedroom or living area, this approach will work great. You can switch the functions of the desk and turn it into a dressing table when necessary.

A plain desk set near some cabinets will work adequately; you just have to install plenty of power before you fit the furniture. If you need a bigger workstation, you should consider buying an extra desk that you can wheel out when not in use and leave the built-in desk intact. If you have a dedicated office, you should consider installing an in-built desk along the length of the wall.

Bold Colors

If your home office is used for another function, you should opt for a neutral-colored desk. However, if your home office does not have this limitation, you can opt for a bold color to define the room’s design. When choosing the best home office desk, you should go with a primary color.

Desks to Impress

Sometimes, a desk is not just about your productivity; it can also be about impressing the people who come to see your home office. If aesthetic appeal matters in your business, you should not hold back. Choose the fanciest-looking desk that you can find, but it has to be comfortable.

Extra Space

If you need additional workspace in your home office occasionally, a pull out desk is perfect for extra space. Bureau-type desks that pull down are another great choice because you can easily fold them for storage when you finish using them: if you work from your living room, this desk is ideal. If you want the ultimate extra space for working, you should choose a convertible desk that gives you enough space to store the essentials.

Think of Storage

How will you be using the desk? Knowing the answer to this question will help you to determine the type of storage that you need.

  • Will you have files that need a file drawer?
  • Do you need more than a center drawer with a pencil tray?
  • Is a drawer with a center drop necessary for storing your keyboard?

A desk with a hutch is best for people who need lots of storage nearby. If you have the space, you can choose more than one desk for ample storage.

Size Things up

It is important that you take measurements before you buy furniture. You need to measure the office space dimensions so that you can get a desk that will fit in it. Make sure that you also consider the scale of the office desk with the other furniture. Is the desk going to serve your needs well? You also need to figure this out.

What is Your Style?

The look and style of your desk will not affect its functionality but it will affect the way you feel about your home office. You should choose a home office desk that will mirror your style and make you feel great when you step into the office. Feeling better about your workspace will increase your productivity and improve your mood.

Have a Seat

Even though the chair is not a part of your office desk, it plays a big role in helping you to narrow down your choices. In a style sense, choosing a non-office chair will bring some fun to your office. However, you should keep in mind that some desks would require you to buy an adjustable chair for the right fit. For this reason, you should also choose a chair and sit at the desk before you make your choice.

Power Play

Between laptops, tablets, and phones, you will not be able to work for long hours without using a power outlet for charging. Make sure that you consider your power needs then buy a desk that is fully equipped with USB ports and outlets to make charging a piece of cake.

Desk Surface

You can choose between metal and laminate. A metal desk is not professional but it is cheaper and better for long-term use. You can check the quality of a metal desk by feeling its overall weight. Laminate is a plastic finish used on wooden desks.

Laminate surfaces come in a wide variety of grain patterns and colors. Look for a thick laminate if you want a surface that can withstand long-term usage and abuse. Before choosing a desk surface, you need to decide whether you will buy a metal or wooden desk.


You should consider the above things when choosing an office desk. If you plan to sit for more than eight hours, you should consider ergonomics. A sit and stand desk that allows you to swap between sitting and standing will have a great impact on your health and help you to avoid back pain and obesity.