Roman Shades or Cellular Shades for Privacy Factor

Just finished the mission of decorating my dining room and I just loved the outcome of my efforts. The room is looking fantastic especially after the adding fabric finished to the window of my dining room.

I chose decorative panels for my dining room because I can open and close them whenever I want. And it will keep my privacy to a satisfactory limit. There were two main reasons behind my decision to use decorative fabric panel for my windows. First one was just a fear which you may think is weird. I thought that open and closing curtains, again and again, may weaken the rod by the scratches of rings. I noticed later that it was a weird thought because rings are so smooth that there’s no chance of scratching the rod.

image001 1 634x476 Roman Shades or Cellular Shades for Privacy Factor

The second thought or reason behind using single decorative fabric panel was another fear that it may look imbalance if I use two different widths of the fabric to cover the windows. So based on these two ideas or fears, I preferred to use single decorative panels instead of going for the idea of using multiple panels.

I was happy when I was done, but now I feel that I’m having the privacy issue. Someone walking by can easily look into my house. And that thought freaks me out for a while. Imagine if someone is waiting outside for the time when we finally go to our bedroom and sleep and then he plans to break into our house. Well, there’s not anything worth stealing, but even then such activities hurt you badly, and you feel less secure in your house.

The best idea that comes to my mind for the privacy factor is roman blinds shades. With roman blinds shades I can get complete privacy, and yes I can get complete control as well. I can open and close as per my need to light. I found a good website where I found a good range of roman shades and I selected one for my rooms. You can check out the options for roman blinds shades at because here you will find plenty of choice and styles to choose from.

Roman shades often come in bright colors, and I didn’t want to grab the attention of the people passing by due to the bright color shades. So I wanted something light like off-white color shades. The second option that I had was cellular shades. There are several advantages of cellular shades, so I finally decided to go for the option of cellular blinds.

One of the main advantages of installing cellular blinds was that I could install motors to them and then all the shades could be linked to a single control. By pushing a single button, I could open or close all the shades. I could even make it smart by adding light sensors. As the lights would go off, the shades will come out automatically. So I loved this idea and now finally installing cellular blinds shades.