Nine Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Toddler

Halloween with a toddler is both a fun and a daunting prospect. Depending on their age, they may be starting to understand the concept of the holiday – dress up and get lots of candy! If you’re thinking of taking your toddler out on Halloween, or if you just want to have some fun at home with your friends on Halloween, you’re probably trying to come up with a clever and original costume idea.

If you’re trying to come up with a last-minute costume, here are a few easy, quick DIY costumes you can whip up in no time.

  • Joint costume with your toddler

If you’ve already got a costume organized for yourself, see if you can come up with a way to include your baby in the costume. For example, if you’re dressing up as a witch, you could try dressing up your toddler as a cat or a cauldron. If you’re Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, your baby could be her little dog, Toto. Or, if you were to dress up as Cruella de Vil, your baby could dress up as a dalmatian. There are countless cute and inventive joint costumes for you and your baby, and it’s sure to be really entertaining for everyone who sees you.

  • Pumpkin

An easy last-minute costume is to dress your baby up as a pumpkin. This is a festive and adorable costume idea that will put a smile on everyone’s face. If you have an orange onesie ready to go, or orange clothing item of your own, try and stuff it with material to make it as round as possible. Top it off with a green hat, and you’re ready to go.

  • Ghost

This is a classic and simple spooky costume that you’re bound to be making for your child at some point down the line. Why not get it out of the way now? Everyone knows how this one is done. Grab an old white sheet, cut some holes for the eyes and mouth, and you’re done. If you’re worried about your baby feeling uncomfortable under a sheet, you can always cut a larger hole for the head and make a cute little ghost dress. 

  • Cat

Another classic, the cat is a staple Halloween costume. Find a black onesie and a headband and stick on some felt ears. You can use eyeliner for the whiskers and stick a bit of rolled-up black fabric on the onesie for the tail. You can make this super cute costume in minutes, and you won’t be dashing to any craft stores for last-minute supplies.

  • Mini-me

An easy way to whip up a last-minute costume is to use things you already have at home. But then, you’ve probably not thought to use items from your closet. Try to find a few items that can be altered to fit your baby, add some of your own accessories, and voila – it’s the tiny version of you! You can try to match with your baby to be twins, or you can try to come up with a baby costume for yourself and trade places for the day. 

If you have a bit more time to plan your costume, but don’t want too much hassle, try finding a simple, cute onesie. Bitsy Bug has tons of adorable onesies that are perfect for Halloween. Dressing up a toddler is hard. They like to play with stuff, so you don’t want to dress them up in anything that’s going to be too distracting for them. That’s why opting for a simple onesie is a great way to avoid any hassle. Plus, they’re not too over the top of everyday use as well, so you’ll be able to use these outfits more than once. Check out the toddler baby girl onesies at Bitsy Bug for lots of adorable, easy costumes (as well as some great everyday outfits). They come in all sizes, from newborn to two years old, so you can even stock up for next year.  

  • Baby bear romper

The baby bear romper is a really cute and simple costume. It will keep your toddler warm in the cold October weather. With the cute little white ears and the adorable little mini bears on the feet, this onesie will grab everyone’s attention. It comes in a variety of colors, so if you have a few toddlers to dress, you could even do a Care Bears-themed joint costume.

  • Fruit romper

Bitsy Bug’s Fruit Romper is another incredibly cute option. It comes in a few options, including strawberry and watermelon. Add a green hat for the stem, and your baby will look cute enough to eat! This onesie will also be perfect for everyday wearing when summertime rolls around.

  • Mermaid shell onesie

The mermaid shell onesie is a low-maintenance costume option. Don’t bother with the hassle of making a shell bra and mermaid tail when you can buy a onesie that already has them printed on. Your toddler will feel comfortable in this onesie, but will look dressed up. It’s a win-win for you both!

  • Green peacock onesie

This onesie will really stand out from the crowd. Very few parents will think to dress their child up like a peacock, so your toddler will look fantastic and unique. This romper isn’t only cute. It’s cool. Your toddler will rock up to her Halloween party looking stylish and chic in this peacock romper. If you have time, see if you can construct a peacock tail to go with it.

Whatever costume you choose for your toddler’s first Halloween, be sure to take lots of pictures! He or she will love to look back at the silly outfit you put them in when they’re older. A first Halloween is a milestone, so having photographic memories of the fun costume will make you both smile years from now.