4 Ways to Stay Connected With Relationships Overseas

One of the largest ethnic groups in Canada is the Chinese Canadians. There are almost 2 million people living in Canada that claim ethnics origins in Asia, with many of them being immigrants with family and friends still living in their home countries. Vancouver and Toronto are also playing host to those from the global diaspora with origins from South America. Canada, like many thriving countries, offers hope to individuals looking for a better life and better opportunities. However, no amount of distance can stand between the love of family and friends, and with technology as a resource, there are many options for staying connected.

1. Financial Support

For many who are able to find employment as immigrants in other countries, much of the connection to those back home could be through providing financial support. Aging parents or spouses often rely on the working children and family members to provide support and resources, and even when geographically removed, those needs don’t fade. Being able to still provide the financial help necessary is one way to fulfill the monetary obligations that a family member relies on,  but it also addresses the emotional connection and responsibilities that exist between the individuals. With a website like Sharemoney.com, someone can send money down to South America or across the seas to Europe or Asia. The efficiency of sending money through this service is one way to show family and friends back home that you care.

2. Visible Connectivity

Since computers, tablets, and smartphones are quite common around the world and there are very few places without some form of internet access, individuals are now able to share connectivity through visual chats. Even if a family member doesn’t have internet service, many cities and towns offer central access points through internet cafes or community centers. Satellite technology can bring internet connection to some of the most distant locations in the world, and although the connections speeds might be slow, these services are still enough to use software or platforms like Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting,  or Google Hangouts in order to make a visual connection to your loved one. It doesn’t come close to being able to share a hug or a high five, being able to watch a birthday party, follow a grandchild’s steps across the room, or hear about the latest community news through live chat is an amazing opportunity.

3. Smartphone Communication

There are over 3 billion smartphone users around the world, with approximate 42% of the world’s population having or using a smartphone daily. Smartphone apps have become a huge part of daily living activities across the globe, with different developers addressing the needs of specific populations around the world. The benefits of these original creations are generally that they are affordable ways to meet deep personal needs. Such as, connecting with loved ones or friends who are overseas. Apps like WeChat are free messaging apps that allow users to upload pictures that can identify key moments, send instant messages to other users, and conduct high-quality video chats. The WhatsApp is a similar solution for socializing with friends and family, and the unlimited amount of SMS messages, files, pictures, and videos all for free is another way to stay connected. Social media are other platforms for connecting instantly as well.

4. E-mail

For longer ways of communicating, rather than relying on letters or postcards, e-mail is a way to quickly and affordably stay connected. With email, you can send longer notes or updates, share files, or send pictures. Emails are a way to access the information whenever is convenient and also save the things that have been sent. Most email applications are free to use and have multiple language options, definitely improving accessibility for people of all economic and demographic groups.

Staying in touch with friends and family even though separated by miles is easier with the use of these options. With the affordability they carry, it allows you to save for that plane ticket to make a trip back home.