3 Tips for Organizing Your Accessories

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From which way to cross the street to what to cook for dinner, we make hundreds of decisions each day. Choosing your accessories should be one of the easier decisions we make. As anyone who struggles with organization can attest, how you organize your clothes and accessories has a huge impact on how easy it is to choose an outfit that looks and feels great. This list offers three helpful tips for organizing your accessories to ensure a smooth start to your morning.  

Pick Your Products

A space saving, easy-to-use organizational tool is a critical first step. Some popular tools include a shoe rack or stackable storage cubes for shoes and a hanging jewelry organizer. Make sure a jewelry organizer has large pockets for bulky jewelry and smaller pockets to sort rings and earrings. 

Also, make sure it fits your space. A jewelry organizer that sits on a dresser might work better if your closet space is tight. A shoe rack by the door instead of the closet is a good idea if your house is socks and slippers only.

While jewelry and shoes might be the most common accessories to organize, hats, belts, and scarves are also key.  Here are some of the best product solutions for organizing these specific accessories.

  • Hats: An over the door hat rack saves space and makes for an easy grab and go style.
  • Ties and Belts: A hanger with hooks for each tie or belt keeps them off the floor and at eye level for a quick scan and grab.
  • Scarves: A scarf hanger saves precious shelf space and prevents the dreaded scarf pile that results from pulling one from the bottom.

Pick Your System

Your organizational tools create the structure, but how you fill them needs to work for you too. Consider starting with things you use the most and placing those in the easiest spot to grab. Some additional considerations include:

  • Sorting: Do you want to sort by work week versus weekend? Everyday versus special occasion? All together?
  • Aesthetic: In addition to easy grab and go, an organized closet can add joy to your morning if it looks good when you open it. Ask yourself if your system fosters an inviting, peaceful mood or a chaotic and confused one.

Try It Out

Not even the most foolproof system works if it isn’t maintained, but maintenance shouldn’t be a huge chore. If keeping up with this system will add more work than convenience, scrap it and try something else.  A quick internet search will yield a wide range of products that could better meet your needs.

Accessories add a fun pop to an outfit, leaving you feeling stylish and confident. Knowing how to keep these accessories organized is key to stress-free fashion. Pick your products, pick your system, try them out, and enjoy!