Improvement tips for a better career

photo 1522071820081 009f0129c71c Improvement tips for a better career

We all sometimes feel bad or like we are not worthy, but that is alright. I mean, none can stay focused all the time and be in his prime, but this is quite different, right? Sometimes, we just cannot escape the feeling that we are not good enough, that we are not doing our job well, etc. Suddenly, our creativity and efficiency decrease and overthinking becomes our new best friend. More often, we find ourselves in a judgmental place where we are not satisfied with our achievements, we blame ourselves for every bad thing around us, and we place the bad decisions above our successes and we dive in deeper. But, that is not right and we should change. We should find a way out of it because it is a bottomless pit.
Therefore, here are some tips you can start with, that will actually help you improve:

1. Achievements
Think about your current achievements and write them. We all have our own talents and pros, and we should be proud of it. We have all invested time and labour in achieving our dreams and none can take that from us. So, write down your successes, discover what you want to achieve next and do not stop working. Also, visit workshops and masterclasses. Not only the lectures are helpful, but meeting new colleagues will help you improve and grow as well.

2. Consulting
Whether you are working in a company or alone, you sure do have bosses or colleagues, or both. So, consulting is a crucial segment for your growth. Always talk about the things ahead, for what is coming. Always ask when you need help or a favor, and help and do favors as well. Because, when you are helping someone, you are also learning new stuff, and perhaps, you may learn something about yourself you did not know.

3. Creativity
Never forget your creative side. Remember, I’ve you are working the job of your dreams, you are most likely to have chosen it by yourself, and you are most likely to be talented exactly for that. So, always find a creative way to do your job, because that will make you better. And on the plus side, you are leaving your own signature.

4. Skills
Never underestimate your abilities. We all have certain skills and abilities which help us do our job easier. But that does not mean you should stop working on yourself. Always be up to date and never ever stop growing. No one is perfect and no one will ever be, so there is always a place for growing, right? Be passionate for your job and look up to your idols. There is always something new to learn. Always dig deeper, discover other perspective. Read books about your profession, dig into other niches and grow as much as you can. Only that way you will be better, and that will actually make you feel better about yourself.

Do not pay much attention to the bad days, because if you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.