These days, life can get very full-on and sometimes it’s hard to take time to nurture our gardens and outdoor spaces. Then, when we do happen to have a bit of free time to get our gloves on, it can feel like we’ve lost our sense of creativity, right? We get stuck in a rut and don’t see our garden’s potential to transform into a stunning canvas. Let’s look at some simple solutions.

A great way to revive and channel your creativity is through – you guessed it – flowers! It sounds like the most obvious and straightforward of elements when it comes to gardening, however, flower choices and arrangements can create some of the biggest headaches for the not-so-green-fingered of us.

The classic go-to with flowers is planting them in some soil around the edge of your garden nice and neatly. Another old favorite is basic flower pots and hanging baskets – been there, done that?

Step back for a moment and run your mind past these ideas. Consider putting plants on the wall! Add some creeping vines seeped in rich tones and vibrant splashes of greens, pinks, reds, and blues. Simple dashes of color can instantly make you feel transported you to a holiday destination in the Mediterranean in no time, and most of all, give you a stunning visual canvas to look at every time you step outside.

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Installation can be a fun part of the process – get crafty with pipes and wire, light wooden strips and hooks! If you wanted to be extra snazzy, you could invest in some LED or solar-powered fairy lights to feed through the branches and have the opportunity to light up your creations for you to enjoy during those warm summer nights.

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If you have a lawn that currently seems a bit bland, think about dividing up the space and ‘zoning’ it. You could consider some professional landscaping and install a stone pathway leading to a garden bench in one direction, flower beds in another, and a barbecue in another! Suddenly the underutilized area becomes a little haven of interesting visuals and a place for you to spend time doing different things. The use of white stones contrasting against the greenery not only lighten up the space making it feel bigger than it is but also add texture and depth to your garden.

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Water features are not a new concept, but they’re often underestimated in terms of how creative and unique they can be. Many people imagine them to be basic concrete structures with a tiny water fountain protruding from the surface – but they can be miles more crafty than that! Take a look at this water feature, taking the things nature already provides – rocks and wood – and turning them into something exotic and relaxing. Anything is possible when you think outside the box a little!

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When it comes to creating smooth transitions between your garden and your home, take some inspiration from modern cafes and restaurants who bring nature indoors – and I’m not talking about the odd vase of flowers or random herb plants. Maybe don’t go as far as covering your whole ceiling in vines (unless you think it’ll work well in your home), but take a look at this dynamic space, utilizing shelving and hooks to place plants on different levels and add a whole other level of visual interest. It’s a win-win situation – in summer your garden will feel bigger as it blends in with your indoor living space, and in the winter time, you can still get that feeling of getting your dose of nature without leaving the comforts of your home.

So when it comes to being creative with gardening, don’t restrict yourself to simply keeping the lawn mowed and the flower beds watered. Step up your creativity game and see how you can give your garden a new purpose, full of color, depth, and visually exciting elements.