Do You Really Need to Move?

Sometimes we get the urge to uproot and move to another property. Whether we are just feeling restless or there is something we want to change, it can be good for many different reasons. However, moving to a new house is one of the biggest stresses we can put ourselves through in modern life. Do you really need to move? Here are some of the reasons why you may want to.

Your Lease is Up

You have been living in a leasehold property and unfortunately your time is up. You need to sell up and move on as the lease on the property might be about to expire. This is not ideal for most homeowners as it means that they might have to say goodbye to a property which they have put a lot of time and money into. If you are determined not to move, you should consider speaking to an expert about leasehold enfranchisement as it could grant you some much needed extra time in your beloved property.

The Schools Aren’t Good

Whether your children are primary age or heading off to secondary, they might not be about to go to the best school. Catchment areas can be very strict, so even if you are one street outside then you still might find a rejection letter coming your way. Many people move to help their children get into a better school. If you want to set them up for the best possible start in life, a move might be necessary to do so.

There’s a Better Job Elsewhere

Feeling stagnant at work? Many of us can be tempted to hop onto a job site to see what else there is available in our sector. Before we know it, an application has been sent in, an interview has been nailed, and we have a job offer which is much better than our current position. However, your new commute might just be a little too much to handle or the job might be in a completely different part of the country. The only thing you can do is relocate to make the commute and your fresh start all the smoother.

You Fancy a Change of Pace

As people get older, they can often begin to dream of a life elsewhere. If they have lived in cities all their lives, they may want to escape out into the country and find the cottage of their dreams. Whether you are searching for a peaceful retirement or a better place to raise your kids, there are plenty of reasons why you might decide to move because you fancy a change of pace.

Moving house is a massive stress on all parties involved and it can be months before you consider yourselves truly settled in the new place. However, it can also be incredibly liberating if you have felt trapped in your prior living arrangements or you know that you are heading for a better quality of life. If you are thinking about moving house, consider whether or not you really need to. Hopefully, it will prove to be a great decision afterwards!