How to overcome your fear of traveling

While most people are thrilled with the idea of traveling across the globe for some people the very idea of leaving their house leaves them with dread. This fear has a name – hodophobia. There is so much to see in the world,and you do not need this fear to keep you down.

The fear manifests itself through shaking, crying or sweating and a general feeling that something awful is going to happen. Fear can prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. Try visiting Brazil by first getting your Brazil e visa here.

We are going to help you overcome your fear of traveling and help you express yourself better.

Seek a Mental Health Expert

The first place you can visit to overcome your fear of flying is to see a mental health consultant. Your fears come from somewhere,and the therapist will help you get to the root of your fears. It could be that you lost someone close to you through a car or plane accident and since then you developed a crippling fear of flying. Once the therapist gets to the root of your fears, they will then help you overcome the fear.

Make detailed plans

Planning helps relieve some of the anxieties that you could be having concerning traveling. You can check out available routes and restaurants to use during the trip. The better you plan,the less apprehension you will have concerning the trip. Confirm your bookings and ensure that you carry all your travel documents. Make plans to leave your house early; this will elevate the panic attacks that accompany lateness.

Visualize on the trip

When you think of traveling what comes to mind? Are your thoughts positive or negative? Picture yourself walking along sandy beaches with the sunset beside you, feel the cool breeze blowing your hair, smell the humid air, or imagine the tranquility that comes with traveling. Visualization helps you to overcome your fear of traveling. The more you have positive visualization,the more you will have the confidence to go on that trip.

What to expect

One way to elevate your anxiety is to learn more about your trip. You can research on the internet on what to expect. The more information you have concerning your travel destination,the less anxious you become. Check with your government on countries that have a travel advisory. Governments often issue this when they think that a country is under threat from terrorism – the ban can be for the whole country or for certain parts in country. It is also important to also check with the CDC for any disease outbreaks. Be familiar with the current affairs of a particular country so that you can be safe while traveling. Avoid going to countries during elections – especially when the process is marred with violence.

Come with a friend

If it is not asking for too much, have a close friend accompany you to your travel destination. Your friend should be someone who has traveled before. When you have a friend,you can plan adequately for the trip and confide in each other in case something goes wrong while traveling. It is also fun sharing memorable moments with a close friend. If you plan to travel alone, inform your close friends and family members of where you are staying and the cities you are visiting.

Avoid taking drugs

Avoid taking prescription pills or alcohol to take the stress away. Drugs will only cause your anxiety to increase. It also adds to the confusion when you are traveling abroad,and you can lose focus if you have a hangover.

Inform your embassy

Once you have settled in, locate your embassy and inform them of your arrival. Give them details of where you are staying and any other information that will help them locate you in case of an emergency. Embassy staff can also give you vital information about a place like hotspots to avoid, dangerous streets and general information about a town.

Talking to strangers

When traveling avoid revealing personal information like where you are staying to strangers. Avoid walking in dark alleys and lock up your valuables in a safe. If you think someone is following you make a sudden turn and see whether they react in the same way. Turn your phone to roaming mode or purchase a local SIM card for calls.

Stop Making Excuses

Procrastination can cause you not to make any step towards realizing your dream of traveling. You can keep postponing every year and make excuses why not to travel. Traveling needs you to budget and allocate time outside of work for it. There will always be a project that needs to be finishedat workand if you let it become your reason not to travel, you will never accomplish your goals. To overcome procrastinating create a budget for your trip then start making bookings. Make a deposit so that you are committed to the trip.

Start small

One way to accomplish impossible tasks in life is to start small. Your dream destination could be an African safari or Paris. If you keep focusing on how expensive it is, you might give up soon. Start by making small travel plans to the park or local museum. Once you have accomplished it take a trip to a favorite tourist destination within your city.This will give you the confidence required for that big trip. It also breaks your habit of procrastination. Visiting friends that you have not seen for years will also help you break the fear of traveling. Friends help you relax,and you can have many memorable memories reflecting on the past. You do not have to go into so much detail when going for this kind of trips but they help you prepare for the big trip across continents.


The fear of traveling affects some people. It can prevent you from making the most of your life. To overcome your fear start by making small trips to the park or visiting close friends. Budget and allocate some time off work to travel – this will also help you overcome your tendency to procrastinate. Remember to relax and have fun.