5 styles of table lamps

There is doubt in the fact that lighting can make or break a room. It is important to have enough light in the room to set the mood perfectly throughout the area. Table lamps are one of the ways in which this can be done effectively. It provides sufficient light for reading and creates a warm and cozy environment.

Table lamps are not only functional in the sense that it provides light but are also effective decorative pieces. It can be purchased from places like andlight lamper. Nevertheless, here are some styles that can be considered:


  • Gourd lamp


These are mid-century modern styles that can be characterized by a bulbous and curvy base. It resembles a lot to a gourd. It is very popular due to the variety of colors available. It pairs consistently with a sofa table. It is a combination of traditionalism and casualness. It is widely available in stores due to its popularity. Consider it as one of the table lamps you must purchase for enhancement of décor.


  • Candlestick lamp


As it sounds, candlestick lamps are named after their shape. These pieces are tall, slim and have a tendered appearance that incorporates elegance in the room. It is more formal relative to other shapes. It looks perfect when placed on dining tables. It can be consistent with a number of other styles as well. It looks amazing in modern space. A wooden candlestick lamp would also suit better. It is ideal if you want to bring more sophistication in the area.


  • Tiffany lamp


If you prefer accent lighting, then no other option can be better than this. It is classy and can be considered as an antique piece. The reason behind its popularity is the shape that it offers. However, price is one of the concerns. Tiffany lamps are normally expensive compared to other pieces due to the quality of light it offers. In a nutshell, these lamps must be one of your priorities when purchasing lamps.


  • Novelty lamps


This is one of the general categories that are popular throughout the world. Bases of these lamps are in shape of animals, vehicles, seashells etc. Different objects are fashioned into a lamp. However, in order to have an appealing look, it is important for the lamp to match a decorating theme. It can even be added in children’s rooms to inspire imagination. It becomes the focal point of the room shedding light and enhancing the overall decoration of the space.


  • Pharmacy lamp


If you want task-lighting, then nothing can be better than this option. These swing-arm table lamps are excellent since they can swing to shed light wherever you want. Depending on the detail and finishing of the lamp, it can remain consistent with different tastes. This is one of those practical lamps that don’t tend to compromise on style at all. It is a combination of new and old trends that brings the most out of the room.