How to Make Friends in College

While in high school, you may have been yearning for the opportunity to finish and get to join college. This is because college comes with a lot of freedom and many other opportunities. But, when you get join college, many of the people you meet there or bump into are new to you. You do not get to join the same college with some of your former school mates. Such a feeling is overwhelming. You start wondering how you will make new friends. The question, “Is it easy to make friends in college?” runs through your mind. Making friends in college is an exasperating or daunting task.

People come from different backgrounds. You do not know what you will expect from them if you approach them. You may want to make friends with persons of similar interests. But you do not know how to identify and distinguish them from other students. Also, adjusting to a new environment can be quite hard. But you should not worry about anything. According to, below are some tips on how to find new friends in college.

Start a new conversation once a day

When you are out and about on your duties, concentrate on starting a new conversation. Try to communicate with at least one person a day. It can be at any time of the day; morning, before classes, after class, during lunch break or in the evening. Make it a habit and try to talk to one person each day. This is an efficient way to meet new people. It is easy to create a bond especially when you are both new to the school. You may find it easy to communicate with each other. You will start sharing stories about your former schools hence blend in. So, do not be afraid of talking to people. You never know how easy it will be for you to get along.

Be yourself

It will be natural to make new friends when you start a new conversation each day. But, it may get a bit trickier as time progresses. People’s attitudes or behavior may change. This can make you wonder where you are going wrong. Many students want to feel like they are eminent people in college. Thus, they may create social groups. This may incite you to try hard and fit in. Many things can go wrong. You may ruin friendships in the process. So, do not try to force yourself into something. Be yourself. Forcing yourself into getting into a social group is not the way to learn how to socialize in college. People may find it easy to get along with you if you are yourself.

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Visit the campus before classes start

There are on-campus sessions or orientations which take place before classes start. You may not be able to attend them due to other reasons. Do not wait until classes start to know your school or make some college friends. Plan to tour the school before classes start. Be familiar with the layout of the school. Know where your classes will be happening. Discover where people gather or get together to socialize or hangout. This will help to reduce or lessen the anxiety of beginning new things. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to show other students who are unfamiliar with the school around. In the process, you will make new friends. So, do not wait to make friends in college classes.

Be interesting

Who will want to hangout or get together with a boring person? Is there any conversation you will have? Having common or same personalities with many students is not good. You will not be able to talk about something different. You will not be able to share ideas or opinions on a different perspective, but you can visit to read some interesting topics to talk. So, to stand out in the crowd, try to be unique. Have a unique personality trait or hobby. You can have an interest in a particular club which many students are not members for. You can also show your propensity or affinity for a particular sport. When you get together, you can talk about them. This will make them see how interesting you are. You will be able to talk about something different hence make them like you.

Turn acquaintances into friendships

You may have been able to make some friends in class. Besides, some or most of your friendships relate to class matters. Contrariwise, you can turn such relationships into potential friendships. You can view someone’s vibe and get to like it. You believe that they can make a good friend. So, take the initiative and invite them to hangout. It is not that hard. It is as simple as inviting them for a study. You will get to spend some time together. This is one of the effective means to turn acquaintances into friendships. This will help you get to know each other well. Hence, do not be afraid to ask. The likelihood of everyone around wanting to make new friends is high.

Hit the gym

Life in college can be a bit stressful. You can hit the gym to workout and relieve yourself off stress. In the process, you may meet new people. Some may be there to workout. Others may be there to relieve themselves of the stressful activities they endure. You never know. This can be an opportunity for you to strike up a conversation. You can ask each other which course they are taking, which year they are or get to know their interests. You may end up talking a lot hence develop a friendship.

Be patient with yourself

Look back at your life in high school. How many friends were you able to make? How many were you able to maintain? Friendships can change from the moment you enter college to the day you will leave. They come and go. People get to grow and change. Everyone adjusts as time passes by. If it takes you long to make friends in college, do not force it. Do not feel as if no one wants to be your friend. The time has not come yet. Be patient with yourself. Keep trying to make friends. Do not give up. Rejections may come along the way. Do not let them wear you down. It can be infuriating. But, be patient and keep on trying. Your new friends will come.

In conclusion, making new friends in college is a challenging task. People are from different places and you do not know how to approach them. But, you need not worry. Above are some tips you can use to make friends while in college. Not everyone will accept you. Hence, do not let it make you give up. Also, do not force friendships.