Hosting an Outdoor Party

So, you’re hosting a party. You’ll have lots to plan in the days and weeks ahead. But before you plan anything else, you’ll probably have to consider a pretty basic question: where are you hosting this party? Allow us to suggest that you host it outside. Hosting a party outside can be rewarding, fun, and even healthy. Here’s the why and how of hosting an outdoor party.

Reasons to get out

There are a lot of reasons that hosting a party outdoors makes sense. For one thing, the outdoors are wonderful. The air is fresh, the sun can improve your mood (and yours guests’ moods too), and there’s research suggesting that just being outside is inherently healthy. Even if you’re not running or otherwise exercising out there, you’re actually helping your health just by stepping outside.

On top of all of this, hosting outside means that your party mess stays out of your indoor living space. You’ll still have some prep work and clean-up to do, of course, but you won’t have to worry about things like vacuuming up crumbs or removing stains from your carpet after a punch bowl is upended.

Venue options

Hosting a party outside can take you as far as a park or nature reserve, or it can happen right outside your front door. Take some time to consider where you’re most comfortable hosting your party. If you decide to host in a park or other public property, reach out to the relevant authorities to make sure you can reserve a space and that you’re allowed to bring all of the things you want (such as alcohol) to this space. If you settle on hosting in your own outdoor space, you’ll want to think about how to maximize its party potential.

Your home’s outdoor space

If you have outdoor space, then you have the potential for a truly wonderful party headquarters. With the right improvements and a few pieces of outdoor furniture, you can create a fun space that encourages conversation, allows you to prepare delicious food, and encourages guests to let loose and have fun.

A pool party can be a great choice, according to pros who specialize in residential hot tubs and spas. Elegant hardscaping work can create a beautiful outdoor area that provides enough patio space while integrating a pool or a spa into the design. With room to sit, stand, and swim, you’ll be able to offer your guests the whole package. Other outdoor improvements to consider include fire pits and even entire outdoor kitchens.

What you need to host

Of course, if you’re planning a party for the near future, you’re focusing on more immediate concerns than a whole new outdoor kitchen. You’ll want to make sure that you’re well-supplied with the right amount of food and drinks, just as you would with an indoor party. With an outdoor party, you’ll also want to pay special attention to tables and seating. Do you have enough? If you don’t, consider renting some just for the party. And while you’re off looking at rentals, also consider the many cool outdoor attractions that are only possible with an outdoor party. Why not consider a ball pit rental for the young (or the young at heart)?

Contingency plans

Of course, there’s a reason we don’t spend all of our time outside: sometimes, the weather doesn’t cooperate. Never fear, all you need is a contingency plan. If you’re hosting in your own space, keep your indoor space in decent shape so it can serve as a backup in the event of a downpour. If you’re off at the park, pick a spot with a shelter of some kind that’s big enough to hold everyone if the party is forced to move into it.

Odds are, though, that the weather will be just fine. And when it is, you’ll be glad that you planned your party for the outdoors.