Crater Lake National Park

The summer season is winding down which leaves limited time for vacations to certain areas depending on how much you like or dislike the cold. If you love the outdoors no matter the time of year, then we recommend a getaway to Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park. Whether you’re a fan of hiking through the mountains or skiing down some slopes, you won’t run out of things to do in this beautiful spot.

Knowing the best experiences this park has to offer before planning a visit will help you have as much fun as possible. Check out the locations and activities listed below before scheduling a vacation to Crater Lake National Park.


Adventurers looking for somewhere new to hike will not be short on options if they decide to venture to this park. The volcano of Mount Mazama provides a unique experience if you’re used to tree-filled mountains, as this option comes with volcanic landscapes to travel across for reaching your destinations. Mount Thielsen and Mount Scott have higher points that require a little less walking and a little more climbing, so we recommend these spots to those who have more experience in rock climbing. If you prefer to hike through greener environments that put a little less strain on you, we advise seeing what Garfield Peak has to offer.

Mount Bailey is a fun location no matter when you visit. It’s perfect for a hike in the summer and fun for skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Union Peak provides more flattering areas to explore before you get to the top of the mountain. This works for those who are looking to cover a wide range in addition to seeing how high they can get above the valleys. No matter where you hike, you will be treated with an amazing view of Crater Lake, which will be great for those who have don’t often cross clear bodies of water that are actually blue!

Fun in the Water

If you plan to stop by Crater Lake before the fall begins, then you’ll be happy to know that this spot has just as many opportunities for fun in the water as there are in the woods. The small island of Phantom Ship serves as a fun spot for a picnic in the wilderness while you go for a swim. There are a few cliffs nearby for those who enjoy more thrilling jumps and dives. Cleetwood Cove provides a boat landing if you plan to do the majority of your daily traveling on the water, and the cliffs in the area are a little shorter in case you don’t feel like taking too many chances.

Tours are a nice way to explore places you’ve never been to before, and Cleetwood Cove Trail allows you to do so via boats. These tours will not only allow you to enjoy a cold beer under the sun, but also get amazing views of the mountains surrounding the lakes and rock formations that stick out of the water. Be sure to stop by any of the park’s facilities before you engage in these activities so that you have all of the necessary directions and equipment. These facilities include Steel Visitor Center and Rim Village Visitor Center, though those from out of the area may be better off in the Rim Village Historic District.


No national park is complete without its fair share of waterfalls, as they serve as sites that are both amazing to look at and easy to listen to. Before searching for these sites and adding to your photo collection, be sure to visit one of the many AT&T stores in Oregon so that you can set-up your cell phone with the latest accessories.  A waterproof cell phone case may be just the thing for getting that amazing waterfall shot. After doing so and venturing through the park, you’ll be able to record footage of spots such as Vidae Falls, which showcase a long but easy flow of water that can be seen from Crater Rim road.

Plaikni Falls in Mount Scott are among the bigger and wider falls at this park. The water flows as one big wall and can be heard from a good distance away. Some of the best scenery can be found at National Creek Falls, which is surrounded by moss, trees, and hills so that you have extra features of nature to include in your photos. The water falls into a river, which presents the chance of seeing different animals paying a visit to get a drink. If you stop by in the winter, the frozen waterfalls still make for amazing photos.

In between visiting waterfalls, we recommend taking a break at Boundary Springs where you’ll come across a calm river flowing through fallen trees, a great addition to your photo collection.

Put these locations on your go-to list so that you can become one with nature at Crater Lake National Park.