How To Get the Perfect Tan Without a Tanning Bed

Everyone wants to have a natural, overall glow but actually attaining such a perfect tan can be incredibly costly, time consuming, and difficult. Between awkward tan lines, expensive and potentially damaging tanning beds, and the annoyance of sticky tanning lotions, a tan can be a lot of work! But we found a way to get the perfect tan without having to use a tanning bed or use annoying lotions thanks to CoolTan’s Tan Through swimsuits.

The California-based company, CoolTan is changing the tanning game with their line of Tan Through swimsuits that let you tan right through your suit. Whether you’re at the beach, boating, or on vacation, a CoolTan swimsuit lets you get an easy, beautiful tan through the fabric, fast and easy and 100% cool and comfortable.

The secret to CoolTan’s amazing suits is the use of Microsol fabric, which is a breathable, porous fabric that allows approximately half of the sun’s light in to the same degree as a medium level sunscreen. This means you can get an incredible tan without having to worry about baring it all to avoid annoying tan lines. The fabric is made with a special knitting technology that creates millions of tiny pores in the fabric, allowing water and air to flow through to keep you cool and dry. Thanks to this specially formulated Microsol fabric, CoolTan’s suits are lightweight and thin, and dry up to 3x faster than regular fabric, making them a perfect choice for taking on vacation!

CoolTan has a variety of different sizes, styles, and patterns to choose from to find your perfect suit. Whether you prefer more of a modest one piece or more revealing two-piece, you are guaranteed to find your ideal suit to help you get the perfect tan. CoolTan has a number of style options from structured, tank, and monokini one-piece suits to two piece string bikinis and halter top bikinis, all featuring their revolutionary Tan Through technology.

Channel your inner glowing goddess and finally get the tan you always wanted, without all the time, expense, and awkwardness. Stay tan, look great, with no more tan lines with CoolTan’s Tan Through swimsuits.