What to Look for in the Perfect Bra

Nothing is more frustrating than going bra shopping- between the confusing sizes, straps that dig into your shoulders, and bras that often make your breasts sag rather than lifting them up, it can seem impossible to find the perfect bra. But we found a company that is revolutionizing the bra industry to find you your ideal bra. The Upbra is achieving the impossible by giving you cleavage and lift like you have never had before. Here is what to look for in the perfect bra, and how Upbra fills all these requirements that we are sure will make Upbra your new favorite bra!

  • Cleavage:

For women with smaller breasts, one of the greatest hardships and complaints is not being able to have cleavage, not without having to get expensive and invasive surgery or wearing excessive, unrealistic padding. Thanks to Upbra’s amazing Cleavage Control Straps, you can have full control of your cleavage. The straps are connected to platforms within the bra cups, which then are pulled upward and inward using the cleavage control straps. You can pull a little for a natural, everyday look or pull a lot for a dramatic, glammed up look. It’s up to you! Even if you have larger breasts it can be hard to find the perfect level of cleavage, which is why the cleavage control straps are crucial- they give you complete control over your cleavage!

  • Lift:

When looking for a bra, the level of lift your bra gives you should be near the top of your list. For women with larger breasts, normal bras generally don’t cut it, and it’s not uncommon to hear of women wearing two or more bras to keep their bras lifted! Thanks to Upbra’s amazing construction, it can provide lift and support like never before, keeping your breasts lifted and in place all day, even when worn strapless! It’s also a great option for moms who may need extra support after just giving birth, or for older women who may want a more youthful look. Get a bra that works FOR you, by giving you great lift and support to make you look your absolute best!

  • No Slipping, Even When Strapless

Your bra search should definitely slippage into account- one of the worst things is when you feel your bra slipping lower and lower throughout the day, especially when wearing strapless bras. The Upbra has extra grip support thanks to its specially formulated vinyl hearts, which grip your breasts and help move them upwards and inwards when the cleavage-control straps are pulled. This extra grip support is incredibly comfortable while also having effective gripping power to keep your cleavage in place all day. The Upbra also comes in a strapless version, which have added grip around the band of the bra that will keep you up even when worn strapless. Plus each bra comes with interchangeable straps for when you’re not having a strapless kind of day, making the Upbra incredibly versatile for all occasions.  

  • Comfortable Fit, Perfect Size

Ultimately, you want a bra that will be comfortable to wear, even when worn all day. You want to avoid straps that dig into your shoulder and back, gaping cups, and too tight band sizes, which are all the result of wearing the wrong bra size. Upbra makes finding your perfect bra size incredibly easy with the Upbra Mobile Bra Size Calculator, which is the fastest, and easiest way to find your perfect size so you can have all day comfort. Gone are the days of measuring tape, strange questionnaires, and drawers full of wrongly sized bras. We guarantee you’ll be incredibly comfortable when you are actually wearing your true size, and with Upbra’s comfortable construction, digging straps, gaping cups, or tight bands will be a thing of the past!

Give Upbra a try to help you find your perfect size and most comfortable fit, it ticks all the boxes in what to look for in a bra and you’ll look amazing while wearing it!  For cleavage and lift like never before, you really can’t beat the Upbra!