How to Cool Visitors Down at an Outdoor Event

If you’re planning an outdoor event during the summer months, it’s important to think about outdoor cooling. These tips and tricks from will keep your guests cool and comfortable during your event even when the weather heats things up more than you would like.

Create an Oasis

A spot cooler is a portable air conditioning unit that can be used to create cooling stations inside outdoor tents. This will give your guests a place where they can escape from the heat. Provide some seating in these areas and perhaps some entertainment to draw people in and encourage them to cool off.

Provide Refreshments

While spot cooling is important, so is keeping your guests hydrated. Provide refreshment stations where they can quench their thirst. While it’s acceptable to offer sodas, teas and other drinks for a fee, be sure that water is available at no charge. Guests discouraged by paying for drinks may skip them, which can be cause for concern in extreme heat.

Hand Out Fans

Have inexpensive paper fans printed featuring the name of your event or another relevant message and pass them out to guests as they enter your outdoor venue. You’ll be promoting your message and giving your event attendees a way to keep their cool.

Create Shade

If your event venue has lots of trees and outdoor buildings, shade won’t be a problem. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to make your own. Put up tarps, large umbrellas or canopies to create shade where there isn’t any. You can get creative and go with the event theme when you do this, using large pirate flags to create shade for a children’s party or large fabric sails for a boating event.