How to Build Couch Cushions Yourself For Less

Your old cushion filling just isn’t cutting it anymore and you want to replace it. That’s completely understandable. Eventually, couch cushions wear out, and buying them from the store can cost a pretty penny. With fewer choices in fabric, no knowledge of the materials used to stuff them, and a higher price, why not make them yourself?

If you have non-standard couch, such as a couch with a single long cushion, you will likely need custom foam cushions. This involves sending away orders to companies that do custom work and waiting for the product to return. Large sheets of foam can be purchased and cut to your needed size to make your own cushions much more quickly.

Putting together couch cushions is an easy task for someone acquainted with a few basic tools, according to The Foam Factory. You’ll need at least a razor and a measuring tape, with a sewing machine and scissors if the covers appear worn and need to be replaced at the same time.

Measure each old cushion to find the length and width of the cushion. Most foam stores will cut your foam for you, but if they do not, you may cut the foam to size with a razor. When cut, you then slip the covers on and zip them shut. Lay them back on your couch and you’re good to go!

If you are making new covers for your cushions, please measure the fabric carefully and be certain that all zippers will fully close on your new cushions.