CompTIA Network + N10-007 Exam: Tips for Passing, Top Resources, Books

CompTIA recently released its new Network+ exam which is the N10-007 certification examination. CompTIA reboots its exam after every few years in order to better equip IT professionals with the skills they need in the real world. The major difference between this еуые and the previous one is the increased troubleshooting focus and the general reduction of the security content in the exam. The N10-007 examination has been updated to cover the current networking technologies including:

  • Critical concepts of security to enable networking professionals to collaborate with their security counterparts.
  • Cloud computing best practices and service models, virtualization techniques and coverage of newer hardware.
  • Skills to maintain a resilient network.

CompTIA Network+ N10-007: Requirements

CompTIA has criteria that you should follow before you sit for the exam. Here are the requirements for the Network+ examination:

  • You should have work experience of about 9-12 months with networking technologies. This will make it easier to understand the concepts taught in this certification download this exam.
  • You should have the CompTIA A+ certification or an equivalent level of knowledge and if you are just at the entry level of the IT field with no experience, you should consider pursuing the A+ credential before pursuing this certification.

CompTIA Network+ N10-007: Tips for Passing

While this exam is a bit upgraded, you can still pass it when you prepare for it. Here are tips for passing the N10-007 examination:

  • Read books with the N10-007 content

You need to find relevant study materials for the exam. It is important that you exhaust all study materials available including resources so that you get to understand all the content involved in the test. You should place more emphasis on the approved books that focus on the This will point you in the right direction as far as the exam is concerned. You can never go wrong with books as they deliver you content step by step and you can develop a reading schedule that works for you and ensure that you spend more time on difficult topics.

  • Take a class

If your training budget allows you and you have time on your side, you should consider taking a class with a tutor alongside other fellow students. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions in areas that you may find difficulty. You will also get hands on approach with the practice equipment available. The class environment, traditional as it sounds is still the best place for effective learning. Tutors will give you extra attention in the areas that are the most difficult for candidates because of their experience in the certification courses over the years.

  • Practicing Linux and Windows commands

You can sharpen your skills by practicing Linux and Windows commands and become comfortable with network configuring options like configuring a default gateway, a static IP address, and DNS, as well as troubleshooting any challenges you encounter as you build and work with your home lab. You should also get a small wireless router that will enable you to practice on the frequencies, 802.11 protocols, security, and other settings. Practicing is a sure way to help you pass the exam.

  • Make up your own practice questions

There are simulators that are low priced that you can use to practice with hosts, switches, routers, and the wireless equipment you need. You will face subnetting questions in the exam and to prepare for this you can develop your own practice questions. You could then try to solve the questions and use a free subnet calculator that you can find on the Internet to check your answers. The calculator will not be available for the test but this exercise will train your brain to adjust to the examination environment.

CompTIA Network+ N10-007: Training Courses

The exam course is divided into 5 modules, each covering a different subject area. Here are training courses for the Network+ examination:

  • Local Area Networks
  • Ethernet
  • Infrastructure and Design
  • Policies and Best Practices
  • Hubs, Bridges, and Switches
  • Topologies and the OSI Model


  • IP Addressing
  • Internet Protocol
  • IPv4 Addressing
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • DHCPv6 and APIPA


  • Internetworking
  • Routing
  • TCP and UDP
  • Monitoring and Scanning
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Name Resolution and IPAM


  • Applications and Security
  • Network Security Design
  • Applications and Services
  • Network Security Appliances
  • Authentication and Endpoint Security
  • Virtualization, Cloud and SAN services


  • Operations and Infrastructure
  • Network Site Management
  • Installing Cabled Networks
  • Installing Wireless Networks

CompTIA Network+ N10-007: Books

You need to study for the certification exam and you need trustworthy resources. Here are study resources recommended for the examination:

The book covers all the exam objectives and will guide you through the exam topics that you will encounter in the examination. It also comes in a Deluxe edition which presents the book in an electronic format and has additional resources like practice tests, exercises, and a complete version of the Network + Simulator software for you to get hands on practice.

This study guide has practice questions for every exam topic that you can use to prepare for the exam. It also includes updated coverage of cloud networking, IPv6, security, and wireless technologies. The book gives you a structured exam preparation routine which includes proven techniques and series elements, exam topics, interspersed topics notes throughout the text to keep you focused on key concepts, exam alerts and sidebars. Cram quizzes will help you assess your mastery of content and the cram sheet tear card will give you the much needed last review.


The recertification for the CompTIA N10-007 exam remains the same as the previous version. You can renew your CompTIA Network + certification through the CE (continuing education) based program of CompTIA.


You can also get advanced certifications that exist after this exam. CompTIA certifications act as essential building blocks that will enable you to further your career as an IT professional. These certifications are recognized everywhere and when you possess any of them, you have an added advantage when you are seeking for a job in reputable IT companies and in any other jobs in the IT industry.