The Building Blocks of a Great Bedroom

It is easy to get lost in the near infinite and phenomenal bedroom ideas for any taste. Flipping through magazines and visiting showrooms makes it clear that our imagination is insufficient to hold all the possible combinations for the perfect bedroom or even just the ones that would be perfect for us.

Furthermore, every person is different. What seems like the obvious solution to you might be unworkable to the person with whom you are sharing a bed. There is also the matter of how much time a person spends in the bedroom. Not everyone gets 8 hours of sleep, some people need more. One also has to take into account the amount of time a person spends in the bedroom for reasons other than sleep.

Even when remodeling for yourself alone, it can be difficult to know where to begin. When you share a bedroom, the task can be truly daunting. Finding the right answer is a matter of breaking down the building-block basics of a bedroom. Where you end up depends on your needs, imagination, and budget. But here is where you should begin:


The most important object in a bedroom is the bed. And while there are physical constraints that must be considered such as the size of the room, the most important consideration is that you have a good bed that facilitates a good night’s sleep. You do not have a good bed if due to sleeping in it, you wake up ill-rested and sore.

Seller websites like allow you to price out options, see different sizes and configurations, and read reviews to see what others think about the product you are interested in. So be sure to start with sleep health. And even if you don’t finish the project, you will have still achieved the most important thing.


Bedrooms have to hold a lot of our stuff. We need drawers for our drawers, and places to sock away our socks. There are plenty of bedroom items that just would not work being stored in the living room or kitchen pantry or even a spacious utility room. 

Smaller bedrooms require a bit more creativity. You might even try one of those bed pedestals that have underneath storage. The point is that proper storage is not really an option. So make sure that one is high on the list.

Convenience and Comfort

Sleep is not the only thing you do in your bedroom every single day of your life. You also get dressed and ready to meet the day. Some men take much too little time and pay much too little attention to this aspect of life, while women tend to be more mindful of how important this aspect of our social humanity really is. 

That means you have to carve out space for proper lighting and mirrors. A vanity stand might be just the ticket. A dressing area in the master bathroom might also work. The point is that your room has to accommodate more than just the bed.

A convenient dressing area is not the only non-bed consideration. You might also want to carve out some type of retreat if space permits. That means using some of that space for a comfortable chair, reading lamp, and perhaps a small table. Reading a book in bed does not work for everyone. 

It can help facilitate better sleep and a more gentle waking cycle if you have a place to unwind at the end of the day and ease into things in the morning. The bedroom is not just where you lay your head, it is the landing pad and the Launchpad for your day.

Tranquil Design

At the end of the day, the bedroom has to stand as a buffer between your day and your recharge cycle. It should not be designed like your office, and does not need to feel sterile or corporate in any way. Feel free to decorate with a sense of fun and whimsy. Stars and clouds and landscapes of imaginary worlds are more appropriate. Don’t be afraid to make your bedroom a whole new world compared to the one you inhabit the other 2/3 of your day.

Don’t become paralyzed by the myriad of choices you have when rebuilding your bedroom. You will do just fine as long as you keep health a priority, followed by storage, comfort, convenience, and tranquil design.