Things to Consider Before Moving Office

One of the most common and major changes that we all experience one time or another in our life is relocating or moving office. This could either mean moving cities, moving houses or moving office. If you own a business, it is likely that at some point you will have to face the decision of moving your office. Whether your business is contracting or growing it’s inevitable that your business operations will change over a period of time and your current office space may not be able to support your needs. So if you need some help with moving around your office in Brisbane you will find some of the best removalist Brisbane and will give you all the help that is needed in moving home and office spaces.

Here are a few things to consider before tackling office relocation:


Choosing the right location for your office is the most important thing and requires careful consideration. You need to think about all your stakeholders and clients and how the new location of your office will affect them. You need to take into consideration things like accessibility, parking space and transport. Also consider amenities in the area such as cafes and supermarkets.

Technological requirement

Another important aspect while relocating your office, is the level of technological infrastructure in the premises and whether it is up to the of your business requirement. If not, you will have to face major installation costs in the long run. Other to consider include cooling systems, power, heating, wireless connectivity, service providers, computer/phone cabling, security and phone systems. All these systems will need to be meticulously tested before employee’s mover into the new office, so that your daily operations work smoothly.

Office Space

Moving offices is a great time to ponder upon the kind of business you are running and the type of space that will support your daily operations. Is your staff going to be onsite from 9-5 every day? Or will they spend most of their time out on the field? Will your employees require a traditional workstation that would require chairs, desk, cubicle or will they need a flexible set up? Depending upon the type of business and the kind of work your employees assume, this would dictate the kind of office space you will require.

Additionally it is also important to look at how much space you actually require. Bigger the space the more expensive it is. Hence, as a guide you should estimate about 10sqm for each employee as well as kitchen space, storage and meeting rooms.


Moving into a new office could me new furnishing. If the layout of the new office is considerably different then it could mean that the current furnishings may not fit the new office space or if you’re moving into a larger space you may require additional furnishing.

If you are in a creative sector an open plan office will with some break out spaces will permit greater collaboration. On the other hand, for a business that deals with some sensitive matters, it may require more practical individual offices such as cubicles for privacy. But if you are looking out for some flexibility, you could consider the option of renting furniture.

 Workforce requirements

While looking out for a new office space, one needs to keep into mind the current workforce requirements. If you decide to drastically move your office in a completely different area some of your employees might decide to leave. So, if you want to retain your staff, it is a better idea to consider them before making any decision about the location.

Work culture and brand

Your office environment says a lot about the brand of your business, so it is very important to think about the kind of message that you are communicating to your stakeholders and clients when they visit the new office. The office can greatly influence the work culture. So, remember to think about the kind of culture you would want to establish and how the set up of the new office will reflect this. It is very important to find a balance between a creative office environment that will promote productivity as well as creating an attractive office space for your staff.

 Get professional help if required

Relocating into a new office could be quite a tedious work and it would be of great help if you hire some professional movers. Hiring a professional to do this work for you will give you both physical as well as mental relaxation. Removalists in Brisbane have a wealth of experience in commercial relocation and they will ensure that your office relocation goes smoothly. Moving offices can be quite a stressful experience for both you and your workforce but it also provides you the opportunity of a new start. So, if you are planning to move anywhere get in touch with some of the best removalists.