How to Become a Travel Writer in 6 Steps

Are you an aspiring writer who has a way with words and an itch for exploration? Then you might consider becoming a travel writer. Anyone who’s made traveling an integral part of their life knows planning a great trip requires researching destinations, which is why useful travel and lodging information can be so important. 

Travel writing is a fantastic way to combine a knack for storytelling and advice-giving with a love for travel and adventure. Unlike other subject matter, which may require technical writing or a more academic tone, travel writing is usually casual, conversational, and written in plain prose. 

In other words, travel writing is fun.  

If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be interested in, you’re in the right place. 

We’re going to teach you how to become a travel writer in six easy steps. 

What Is Travel Writing?

First off, we’ll answer the obvious question: What even is travel writing? If you’ve ever sat down with your laptop to plan an upcoming excursion and browsed through a few blogs to learn about your destination, then you’re familiar with travel writing. Travel writing often takes the form of blog posts detailing travel tips or descriptions of specific locations. 

For those with a more entrepreneurial spirit, travel writing can be a fantastic way to earn an income while visiting the wonders of the world. 

6 Easy Steps to Becoming a Travel Writer

If you’re convinced that you’re ready to begin travel writing, whether as a career or a hobby, then this guide can help. Rather than bog you down with excessive tips and tricks, we’re offering a simple, six-step process.

Wondering how to be a travel writer? Here are six steps to get there:

1. Write Constantly

As you might have suspected, the primary task of a travel writer is to write. Before you start traveling, it’s wise to get into a consistent writing habit. Write articles and prepare for your travels. You can practice by using content from popular travel blogs as inspiration and writing test pieces about places you want to travel to.

2. Begin Exploring

Now for the fun part! If you want to get started fast and inexpensively, begin by traveling to nearby destinations. The more you explore, the more detailed and accurate your content will be, so spend as much time as you can visiting new places and revisiting familiar ones.

3. Record Your Experiences 

Because your goal is to capture the essence of your experiences, bring a notebook with you. If that’s not your style, then use a dedicated notes app on your phone. Either way, it’s essential to document your travels as you go so that you have material to work with once you return to the hotel room.

4. Take Quality Photos and Videos

One of the most exciting parts of reading a well-written travel writing is nothing to do with the writing. The quality photos and videos add movement and personality to a piece you can’t capture with words. That’s why they’re a crucial part of the process. Invest in a good camera or learn to leverage your smartphone to get quality content.

5. Edit Your Work

Polished work is also vital to your success. Rather than just publishing your first draft, take the time to slow down and evaluate the piece. What’s working? What isn’t? Figure out if your content is telling the destination’s story and if it will add value to your reader’s planning process.

6. Find a Publishing Platform

Last but not least, you’ll need to figure out how you’re going to share your finished product. For many travel writers, a personal blog is a way to go. This is an excellent way to share your work on your terms. 

However, sometimes it can be hard to make a name for yourself and get your stories out there. A travel guide publishing platform can be a great way to do both. 

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