Know About Water Trucks’ Uses

Water trucks are common sights in a range of industries, including civil construction, mining, farming, and fire control. They are specialised vehicles equipped with big tanks in the back for transporting water and controlled spray nozzles for spreading it.

We’ll go through some of them below so you can see how getting water truck solutions by TTi Water Trucks can truly enhance your business operations. The benefits of these include carrying and distributing both potable and reclaimed water.

  1. Dust Management and control

Grading equipment that levels and prepares the soil for operations at construction and mining sites generates a lot of dust. Water trucks with 2,000-4,000 gallon tanks are helpful to prevent dust from hindering the development process. 

Dusty working sites slow down the work process and also cause health hazards like bronchitis, asthma, and heart disease. Water trucks eliminate dust from the air by dampening it.

  1. Firefighting

When there are no fire hydrants nearby to help put out a fire, water trucks are very helpful to minimise any fire hazards. In addition, these trucks do more than just put out existing fires, they also dampen areas that are prone to starting new fires. 

  1. Soil Compaction

Buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures must be safely constructed on flat, even ground that has been compacted at construction sites. During the compaction process, the ground may be unstable and sluggish from too much water content. However, if there is insufficient water, the dry soil particles won’t stick together either. At building sites, water trucks offer a portable and accessible source of water, and also an adequate amount of liquid to maintain a good water-to-soil ratio and produce solid and stable compaction. 

  1. Farming

These vehicles transport recycled water to devastated farmlands when the rains stop, allowing irrigation to continue and preserving crops and livestock.

  1. Potable water

During emergencies and natural disasters, water trucks can provide a quick way to transport safe, potable water to communities in need. These can also be used to transport potable water to remote locations for military training or construction and mining sites.

  1. Residential & Commercial Usage

Whether it’s filling a hotel pool or boosting the water level in a pond that’s on the verge of drying out, businesses will use a portable water tanker to speed up the operation. A portable water tanker truck may also be required occasionally to transport tainted city water or untreated well water.

The bottom line

By considering these benefits, you fully optimise water trucks for both short-term usage and maintenance as well as your planned applications.