Bring Your Vacation Home: 4 Tips For Peaceful Home Decor

We’ve all wished we could bring a little piece of our vacations home with us, that we could make our home into a peaceful retreat away from the world. Well, with the right interior design know-how, you can do exactly that. These four design tips take their cues from your favorite vacation destinations, from meditation and yoga retreats to hotels packed with everything “hygge.” You’ll be feeling calm and cozy before you know it.


Keep It Simple

The basic rule for creating a soothing space is to keep things simple, and that starts with decluttering your space. In your bedroom, that might mean keeping extra furniture to a minimum, putting laundry baskets in the closet and jewelry, toiletries, and other items in cabinets or containers, and simplifying decorations – maybe a mirror and some flowers.

Minimalist design is especially important in the bedroom, where clutter and chaos can make it hard to sleep. Just be sure to steer clear of sterile tones like hospital white and hard metals. If your bedroom is going to be a space where you can recharge and unwind, it can’t remind you of an office. You can keep it simple, but also welcome soft, whimsical elements to the space.

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Bring Nature In

Houseplants, especially low-maintenance succulents, are trendy right now, and that’s not just because the plants look good on Instagram. No, introducing plants to your home also keeps your home cooler, improves air quality, and, especially if you live in an urban environment, plants can also improve your mood and help you concentrate. But plants aren’t the only way to introduce plants into your home. If you live in a rural environment, or have access to some attractive views, an even better option may be to just open your windows.


Instead of covering your windows with heavy curtains, emphasize the environment outside with large windows that let in plenty of sunlight. This is a common practice at yoga and meditation retreats – at The Art of Living Retreat Center, for example, all the accommodations have views of the Blue Ridge Mountains or are immersed in the symphony of the forest. The natural light will also help regulate your sleep cycle, so that you rise with the sun and settle down gently at the end of the day.

Nurture A Practice

Sometimes bringing your vacation home doesn’t just mean creating a similar, material space – it also means fostering a practice, whether that’s writing, meditation, exercise, or art. As instructor Hilaria Baldwin explains, regarding yoga, “the hardest thing is showing up,” and as any writer will tell you, this applies to all creative practices. If you have a small desk or a corner of your room that’s committed to your soul-nurturing habits, though, you’re more likely to show up. Create that space. You need to be your own priority – no one else will put your needs first.

Seek Small Luxuries

Finally, if you go to any high-end retreat or hotel, the most distinctive elements are often the small luxury items, like fluffy robes or soft blankets that hardly anyone has at home. But why don’t we invest in those items? Buying a few fancy linens and loungewear items can help you settle in at the end of the day and pair those fabrics with warm accent lighting. If your bedroom should be cool and calming so that you sleep well, then common areas should be warm and welcoming and nurture your family life.

Going home at the end of the day often feels like a relief compared to the hustle and bustle of the workday, but you can do more to enhance that environment. Home is where the heart is – and where you nurture your soul.