5 Ways To Enhance Your Next Camping Trip

Since being a nature-lover is becoming more and more trendy, and since more and more travelers are choosing their destinations based on natural beauty, it’s not surprising that camping trips are a popular way to travel. Not only is camping a great way to travel on a budget, but there are also tons of breathtaking, gorgeous camping locations around the world. Some camping spots are near stunning green rivers, where the sound of the rushing waters outside your tent is almost as beautiful as the scenery you’ll wake up to. Other spots are at the foot of turquoise glacier lakes, enveloped by incredible mountain peaks.

Camping is the best way to be in the great outdoors. Camping locations are where the healing energy of the moonlight and the beauty of the stars beckon you at night, while during the day you feel invigorated as you breath fresh air and stare at stunning scenery. Plus, the peaceful sounds of nature when you’re camping are the perfect escape from city life. If you’re a nature-loving traveler who wants to plan a camping trip, below are some tips for enhancing your camping experience:

  1. Camp Near a Lake, and Bring Lake Toys

You can’t go wrong camping near a pretty lake, but which lake toys should you bring? Some of the best examples include inflatable floaties, waterproof speakers, floating coolers and paddle boards. All of these items are easy to pack. A paddle board can easily be strapped to the roof of your car, and you’ll have fun exploring the lake on a paddle board during your camping trip. Plus, it’s a great way to get some exercise. If you’re going to enjoy the great outdoors, why not include some outdoor activities and water sports? You can rent a paddle board, but it’s better to wait for a sale and buy one. Check out Cruiser SUP’s Paddle Boards for Sale. Buying one is a great investment because you’ll use it on road trips, camping trips, local beach days, and at the summer cabin.

  1. Use Solar Lights

Solar lights are a must for camping. You can place them outside of your tent to avoid the mishaps that tend to happen when people stumble around in the pitch-black darkness of night. Solar lights will charge during the day, and give off light at night so you can avoid those midnight mishaps. The best part about solar lights is that they naturally turn on (on their own) when darkness falls. You can even get pretty string lights that add a pretty ambience to your camping set-up.

  1. Create a Thoughtful Camping List Before You Pack

Camping is all about preparation. Forgetting certain things, like mosquito repellant, could make your camping experience turn out horribly. You might not think you need to think about and write down a packing list, but you do need to. When you’re camping, you’re often off the beaten path, and you can’t get things you forgot very easily. Without using a list to guide you while you pack, it’s very likely that you’ll end up forgetting something important.

  1. Bring Some Luxuries

Pack your favorite pillow from home, a really good bottle of red wine, and any other small luxuries that will enhance your camping experience. A favorite extra thing to pack among seasoned campers is a hammock. It’s comforting, comfortable, and lovely to lie in and stare at the stars. If you’re camping in an area with lots of trees, which you probably are, then it’ll be easy to set up your hammock. An alternative comfortable luxury other than a hammock is a foldable lounge chair. This is much better than sitting on rocks or stumps to drink your beers. Don’t forget to bring this sleeping bag from AEGISMAX

  1. Try Glamping

Speaking of bringing the luxuries from home on your camping trip, why not try glamping? Glamping stands for glamorous camping, and it’s the most comfortable and luxurious way to camp. Glamping is where the great outdoors and stunning nature meets modern amenities and hotel-style luxuries. You get the comforts and luxuries from home while still feeling like you’re camping – and still being immersed in nature. While regular camping can sometimes be viewed as “roughing it”, glamping is not described as such. Glamping set-ups, often posted on Air Bnb, are expected to include real beds with actual linens and pillows, electrical outlets, heaters, and comfortable seating – among other things. Glamping is camping in style, and everyone should try camping this way at least once.