5 ways to have a sci-fi home today

We might not have flying cars just yet, but it does look like our groceries might soon be delivered by unmanned drones if recent news stories are anything to go by!

In fact, the speed of technology developments is getting faster and changing just about every aspect of our daily lives. So here are some tips on how to make your home into a futuristic sci-fi experience today.

  1. Entertainment

So-called smart TVs are all the rage and having your big screen connected to all of your entertainment gear is essential for a forward-looking home.

Not only that but screens themselves have now got so big that curved versions look like being the way forward for a truly immersive multimedia experience, at least until real 3D holograms enter into the picture.

  1. Cleaning

Robots are pretty certain to play a part in the home of the future but they’re actually already here today, as there are plenty of robotic devices already available to take on domestic workloads.

A fully automated vacuum cleaner might not have been everyone’s idea of the first true house robot, but various models on the market already know where they are by scanning, mapping and planning room layouts with lasers and infrared sensors.

  1. Fittings

Although a building from any era can be adapted to modern and forward looking standards, it can mean extra expense. New build homes in Surrey have features and fittings that are not only cutting edge but are also future proof too.

Making sure that a home has the right cabling and power supply layouts is essential if you are to avoid costly extra work further down the line. That’s a major reason a newly constructed home can be the best choice.

  1. Wall panels

Whether it’s textured wallpaper or bold choices of paint work, wall coverings have always been at the forefront of forward looking interior design in every age.

Today, you can have a futuristic room using large 3D wall panels which create shifting textures and shapes that alter the whole feeling and perception of a space.

  1. Solar power

Aiming for self-sufficiency in power generation is the ultimate in sci-fi eco-friendliness and it also makes perfect financial sense too.

Solar panels have a true sci-fi look and not only can you cut utility bills you can also earn money by pumping extra capacity power back into the national grid.