14 Fantastic DIY Ideas

DIY projects are always great to look at, because you can always learn something new that could be incredibly useful.  For those of you who like to constantly have new things, and have a talent for working with your hands, this is the ideal hobby. With some time and effort you can always make yourself awesome stuff!

Paper Flowers

You can make these paper flowers to decorate your desk or to surprise someone with this cute little but meaningful gift.

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Full Tutorial www.abeautifulmess.com


Ombre nails

A girl should always pay attention to her nails and never leave them unattended. If you are looking for ideas for your new manicure, try this awesome ombre design and have everyone look at your hands.

Easy and Clever DIY Projects 14 Fantastic DIY Ideas
Full Tutorial www.thenailasaurus.com


Photo Transfers on Wood

What a beautiful way to make a photograph more lasting and permanent! And it looks amazing too, it would be great as part of your room decor.

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Full Tutorial www.abeautifulmess.com


DIY Him and Her Mugs

Buy plain white mugs and permanent black markers. Label your mug with your name or gender on it, as well as your favorite drink. Do the same with your significant other’s mug. There’s a lot of room for creativity here, you could write or draw whatever you like!

Easy and Clever DIY Projects1 14 Fantastic DIY Ideas
Full Tutorial www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com


DIY Workout Shirt

Who said that you shouldn’t look good and feel good when you are working out? Find an old shirt you don’t need and turn it into an awesome workout shirt that will be an inevitable part of your working out equipment.

Easy and Clever DIY Projects2 14 Fantastic DIY Ideas
Full Tutorial www.asplendidassemblage.com


IKEA DIY hacks

Organize your belongings in a creative and fun way and experiment with space all you like. Have fun!

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Full Tutorial www.remodelista.com



Your old ladders can turn into immensely helpful shelves for your books and small decorations!

Easy and Clever DIY Projects4 14 Fantastic DIY Ideas
Image via www.liveinternet.ru


Or you can confuse people and have them wonder how are your books so neatly stacked, and there is no visible shelf underneath them.

MDP DIY BooktoShelf Mount1 14 Fantastic DIY Ideas
Full Tutorial www.hum-gum.com


Shoes Organizer

Your shoes don’t have to be in a mess anymore, especially not your flip-flops. This is an awesome idea that will help you free some space and have a more organized closet.

Easy and Clever DIY Projects6 14 Fantastic DIY Ideas
Full Tutorial www.epbot.com


Twine Bracelet

Make yourself or your friends this awesome bracelet that not only looks amazing, but it’s very easy to make.

Easy and Clever DIY Projects9 419x1024 14 Fantastic DIY Ideas
Full Tutorial www.honestlywtf.com


Wood Pallet Bike Rack

You keep tripping over your bikes or you don’t have room in the garage for them? Well, don’t worry, the solution to the problem is so simple you’ll wonder how come you didn’t think of it in the first place!

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Full Tutorial www.instructables.com


Draped Skirt

You are wondering what to wear, you are in a hurry, and you don’t feel like wearing anything from your closet? Every girl’s been there. Don’t panic, you can have an awesome new skirt in a minute!

Easy and Clever DIY Projects7 14 Fantastic DIY Ideas
Image via www.passionsforfashion.dk


Pillow Cover

Refresh your sofa’s look with this new pillow cover in your favorite design.

Easy and Clever DIY Projects11 14 Fantastic DIY Ideas
Full Tutorial www.organizeyourstuffnow.com


Colored Shoes

When you grow tired of a pair of high heels, give them a new look by coloring them in a different color. It’s almost the same as buying a new pair!

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Image via www.fashionlush.com