Why You Should Choose Engineered Timber Flooring For Your Home 

Are you working on your new home’s flooring in Melbourne or any other part of the world? Settling for engineered wood flooring for your home can present you with an unmistakable sense of warmth and elegance. Engineered timber flooring is made in the overseas factories where the wood is coated and treated. Most of these engineered timber flooring is made from 100% real timber, and they come in two variations: Multiply, which is a hardwood top layer with a plywood backing as well as the 3-ply solution that consists of two backing layers.

Engineered Timber Flooring Benefits

Need more reasons to be sold on engineered timber flooring? Below are the reasons why you won’t regret choosing engineered timber flooring for your home. 

  • Cost-effective

Unlike solid wood, which can cost you a fortune, the engineered wood flooring costs less but still maintains the same quality of look and feel. Additionally, the production cost is less, yet the boards are more stable because of the manufacturing process. It is also important to note that engineered wood is supplied as a finished product, whereas solid wood is most often supplied in raw form hence you have to do the finishing on-site, resulting in the additional cost in labor.

  • Long-lasting

The intelligent construction of the engineered timber makes it able to sustain or withstand the climate and temperature fluctuation as well as heavy foot traffic. They are, therefore, less likely to be damaged by changes in the humidity levels, which makes it an ideal solution for almost every kind of space regardless of whether you are using the wood in a commercial or residential space. It can be used in underfloor heating and rooms with fluctuating temperatures, like the conservatories as well as utility rooms. In some cases, you can increase its durability, by re-sanding the top part of the timber to ensure it does not become worn out.

  • A Variety of Surface Treatments

If you haven’t embraced engineered wood flooring for your home, perhaps, this is the best time. And for sure, you will be amazed at the number of treatment options you can choose from when designing your house. This helps in bringing out an elegant style and beauty in the flooring timber as a real art form. most of these engineered wood flooring come from New Zealand and comes in a variety of crafted textures such as shades, glosses a well as sizes 

  • Environment-friendly

In a world that has been slowly succumbing to hazards of climate change, cutting trees for flooring is, therefore, not a viable practice. On that note, engineered timber flooring reduces the number of solid plank woods that are cut at any given time. This is because you can get at least five to seven pieces of quality engineered timber from just a single plank wood. As a result, engineered wood flooring helps to conserve limited resources. This helps in the proper use of what is within society’s purview, which translates into environmental conservation.

  • It is Easier to Install

Have you ever been roped up in the job of laying a new floor? You can attest to the fact that it must have been a very time-consuming endeavor. However, with engineered timber flooring, you can be sure to save on the installation costs, especially with the fact that you don’t need to hire someone. That’s right! You can even do it on yourself. The good thing with engineered timber flooring is that they can be readily fabricated and installed. 

Alternatively, you can even install new flooring straight over the concrete, which ultimately helps in driving down the installation cost and, more so helping to simplify the process.  

  • Resistant to Warping

Being derivatives of nature, regular wood often react to climate changes that may cause warping or deforming in regards to the level of humidity in the environment. This is the primary reason why solid hardwood is not suitable in places where there is rapid fluctuation in temperatures like the kitchen and bathroom. 

Engineered timber flooring, on the other hand, is distinctly designed to be more resistant to moisture and temperature effects. They are more resistant to warping given their structure where a single core layer surrounded by other the layers of wood running perpendicular direction. So even when exposed to climatic factors, the changes would be insignificant.

  • It can be Re-sanded and Refinished

Engineered timber flooring can be re-sanded to enable you to give the floor a facelift, especially if it is looking old and tired. This also provides a suitable way to clean the floors by getting rid of markings and stains. The floor can also be refinished after re-sanding to offer it some sense of protection as well as give it a new look. 

In a nutshell, engineered timber flooring gives you the flexibility to re-sand and refinish your timber floor, anytime you feel like, unlike solid wood flooring.

When choosing your next wooden floor project. It will be appropriate to put into consideration the points discussed above, which explains why you should prefer engineered wood flooring. This includes: being more cost-effective, being easy to install, and because they are more environment-friendly.  Additionally, these types of timber flooring are resistant to warping and flexible since they can also be re-sanded and refinished. They are also durable and present you with a variety of choice due to their number of surface treatments.