Which Destinations for Your Honeymoon?

Congratulations on your wedding! The journey leading to the marriage was tumultuous and financially draining. It’s now time to relax and celebrate your status as a newlywed on a honeymoon.  

But the question is, which destination for your honeymoon? Don’t forget; you’ve spent a substantial amount of money on your wedding. 

Don’t be in a hurry to select your honeymoon destination. Take time and check out for possible cheap holidays. It’ll save you time and money. 

Here are the leading honeymoon destinations. Go through them and make your best choice. 

  • Iceland for a Nature Honeymoon

Do you want a nature honeymoon? Iceland is your best bet. First, the flights to the area are quite inexpensive. 

Within its vast and rugged landscapes lie beautiful waterfalls, fjords, glaciers, lava caves, Rhyolite Mountains, and black sand beaches. 

Visit Iceland for your honeymoon and get a chance to have fun and try new things together. Imagine climbing a volcano or changing a tire on a gravel road? Check cozycampers.is for more info.

  • Bali for a Zen Honeymoon

A honeymoon offers you an opportunity to relax and know each other. And Bali is your ideal honeymoon destination. 

Whether you’re into yoga, a foodie, or quid bike rider, Bali has something for everyone. Not forgetting the epic beaches. With all this, you’ll not forget Bali as your honeymoon destination. 

  • Italy for a Romantic Honeymoon

Most newlyweds love Italy as their ideal honeymoon destination for a couple of reasons. The food, culture, world-class wine, and beautiful coastal towns. 

Even better, you can plan a honeymoon to Italy at any time of the year. But the country is less crowded during the winter season. If you want a cozy chalet, then a winter honeymoon is the best deal. The state will not be frigid to prevent you from having fun.

  • The Bahamas for a Relaxing Honeymoon

A honeymoon should be about relaxation and making time for your spouse. And how best to relax than visiting the Bahamas for your honeymoon?

The Bahamas is the ubiquitous paradise where newlyweds go to have fun and be merry. The area boasts of the soft ocean breeze, white sand beaches, and a slow pace of the island life. 

Everything about the Bahamas is purely exhilarating. The Spas offer cutting edge massage treatments to relax from your wedding marathon. You’ll get saunas, whirlpools, and steam rooms for added relaxation.

  • Tanzania for the Adventurous Honeymoon 

Yes, there’s nothing like a Tanzanian honeymoon. It offers you a perfect combination of adventure and serenity. 

From exotic Spice Islands of Zanzibar to lesser-known islands of Mafia and Pemba, you’ll get a romantic beach escape.  Plus, how best to begin a honeymoon journey than on a safari. 

The world-famous game reserves like Serengeti offers you a chance to witness spectacular sunsets, stunning landscapes, and animals in their natural habitat.


Planning a wedding isn’t easy. It requires time and money. That’s why newlyweds need a romantic vacation to celebrate their nuptials. But this doesn’t have to be expensive. Check the above options and make your decision.