Travel Hong Kong: 12 Must-See Places

Hong Kong hаѕ a diverse mix of characters аѕ a result оf іtѕ lоng Brіtіѕh оссuраtіоn аnd grеаt Chіnеѕе іnfluеnсе. Aѕ a ѕtаtе оf China, Hong Kong рrоvіdеѕ a gооd іntrоduсtіоn fоr thоѕе whо wаnt tо knоw mоrе аbоut China wіthоut еntеrіng thе соntіnеnt, аѕ wеll аѕ a рlасе fоr mоrе attractions wіth Western culture […]

How To Sustain Long-term Travel In Asia

Asia is home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, including the city-state of Singapore and Bali in Indonesia. If you want to explore Asia over the long-term, you will need to think about how to sustain your travels. Sustaining long-term travel is about generating income while travel is ongoing. If you’re willing […]

What Online Travel Sites Can Learn From Traditional Travel Agencies

Consumers have more than a few options for online travel arrangements, yet traditional travel agencies are thriving. These old-school advisors have survived online disruptions that brought billion-dollar businesses to their knees — but what’s their secret? According to recent data, millennials are more likely to use traditional travel agencies than any other demographic. Young people, […]

Surviving Kuala Lumpur: A Guide

Kuala Lumpur, the beautiful capital of Malaysia, is known for its nostalgic colonial buildings, twinkling towers, and a series of natural wonders. There is a lot to do in KL that it can be difficult to decide what to do first. Worry not, this travel guide is designed to make planning easier for you! When […]

Crater Lake National Park

The summer season is winding down which leaves limited time for vacations to certain areas depending on how much you like or dislike the cold. If you love the outdoors no matter the time of year, then we recommend a getaway to Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park. Whether you’re a fan of hiking through the […]