What To Wear During The Cooler Seasons: Vintage Edition

Summer days are coming to an end, and the chances of getting some lovely hot weather that will last more than a week are dwindling as each day goes by.

That said, it shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. Autumn brings its own positives as although, yes, it does start to get colder, the season brings us such beauty in its colours. 

With the trees offering buttery yellows, toffee browns and crisp oranges, despite the darkness, autumn indeed has a bright and beautiful palette that provides endless inspiration for your wardrobe. It’s every fashionista’s dream.

Winter too has its own colour palettes, with bright icy tones and deep, rich jewel colours you can incorporate into your outfits – forget washed out wardrobes this season! 

We’ve put together some suggestions which, while we aren’t reinventing the wheel here, could be a source of inspiration for those items of clothing you might start to pack away from summer. 

So for women’s vintage clothing ideas that are good all year round, read on!


Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean that dress season is over. You heard right. The key to keeping wearing your favourite dresses is to layer up, incorporating the bolder winter colours to make a fashion statement in a practical way for the colder month ahead. 

Women’s clothing can be so versatile and work with so many modern outfits, which is why adding a dress into your look for the winter season is so easy and not to mention comfortable. Pinafore dresses are a staple of vintage fashion, so why not see if you can find 

You could choose to wear your dress as an overlay and give your outfit a twist, or a long thick dress as the bottom, overlayed with an oversized fair isle knitted jumper. Add some accessories, snap a photo, and we’ve got a trendsetter.


The holy grail item for women’s autumn and winter clothing is the cardigan. 

With so many different styles and versions of cardigans, you can’t go wrong with this versatile and adaptable piece of clothing to keep you warm as the days get colder.

But what are the best cardigans to invest in? Well, it’s definitely a wool blend. Wool is a fabric that not only can absorb more moisture but is also a lot more breathable. A piece of clothing that will regulate your body temperature and keep you warm is essential for your wardrobe this season.

So say goodbye to becoming uncomfortably sweaty and hot just trying to stay warm, and hello to feeling fresh and cosy. Put on your light yet extremely comfortable cardigan and look incredibly stylish while doing so with a wool-blended cardigan – it’s a win-win! 

While the Fair Isle is a renowned pattern for your vintage jumper, cardigans are much more free- reign! So whether you’re a fan of the vintage inspired houndstooth pattern, a rockabilly style cardigan inspired by the 50s, or even the classic short sleeve cardigan that you can layer underneath a warm, thick woolen coat (vintage, of course!) 


Right, let’s all agree that skirts are the heroes of the fashion industry, considering how much they do and the outfits they can be paired with. Especially when you want to go for a vintage aesthetic, the skirt is a must! 

From cuts to patterns to mini or maxi, there is very little a good skirt can’t do for your outfit and has a unique way of incorporating itself into most outfits with ease.

Women’s fashion can be instantly elevated by the bold and stylish patterns that skirts can offer, depending on what era you’re drawing inspiration from! A skirt can be worn socially or can be that unique splash of individuality your work outfits are so desperately calling out for

Now, we might not be breaking any new ground here by saying that skirts are a great staple for the cooler months – but when it comes to women’s vintage clothing, it can be tricky to find those flattering shapes without compromising on your warmth. 

So the skirt becomes a great mediator to this fashion pain! Not only are they warm and stylish, you can find vintage inspired skirts from providers of high quality women’s vintage clothing like Relco London, The Collectif, and many more. 

So, start thinking whether you want high waist or A-line, rockabilly retro inspired by the 50s or a pencil skirt fit for any occasion. Layer up with tights or stockings, and invest in warmer, woolen materials for a stylish look no matter how cold it gets.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your fashion choice is, whether you are scouring your closet or finding some of the best pieces throughout time, as we look to update our wardrobe for the new season, take a minute and think about buying vintage rather than feeding into fast fashion.

With so many pieces to choose from that are not just bright and beautiful but are genuinely better quality and better designed to see you through the cold months, especially as we all know… winter is coming!