How To Spruce Up Your Home Decor On A Budget

Winter is upon us and we’re spending more time than ever cooped up in our homes as days get shorter and it gets dark far too quickly. 

With these extra wintery nights spent at home, you might have realised that your space doesn’t feel relaxing or simply doesn’t feel like you and is in need of a bit of a change-up.

There’s good news: sprucing up your decor doesn’t have to cost the earth! Simple, affordable changes can transform the look and feel of your place, turning it from just a house into your home. 

Whether it’s soft furnishings, personalised prints, or just a clever use of mirrors, sometimes the simplest solutions can have the biggest impact. So, try these easy ideas to spruce up your home.

Decorate Your Walls

There is nothing worse than feeling cold inside your own house, right? It is another level of cold and it can feel like there is no escape from it – unless you are willing to repaint the whole house to make it feel lighter and warmer.

But there is a way to achieve this without having to completely redecorate.

Introduce some stylish prints and canvases that have a strong colour palette that doesn’t just bring some warmth and comfort to your home but it becomes a staple of the room and brings it together. 

Take the time to play about with a wide range of colours, find what works for you and keeps you feeling cosy through the winter months, or stick to a colour scheme and find some pieces that accent the furniture and accessories around it.

Update Your Cushions & Throws

Tis the season….to treat yourself.

Just picture it, a cold winter evening, frost has just started to set outside, you stick the fire on, cuddle up with your hot chocolate… All that is missing is your brand new fresh throw to snuggle up in, your evening is complete.

Adding some new throws and cushions into your decor doesn’t just bring endless comfort but also brings style and introduces this breath of fresh air to your home and can be a great way to add some new accessory colours that accents the house just enough without completely restructuring.

There is nothing quite like it and the best part is, it is so easy to change over, why not make it seasonal? Or just when you are feeling like you need a bit of a change, it offers this new start feel without the stress or worry that comes with a complete rebrand.

Use Mirrors To Add Light

Mirrors are the unsung heroes of the decor world!

They can offer an original and authentic style to a home when they are strategically placed and the best part is, whether it is a big or small space you are working with, they can offer a unique touch to each of them.

If it is a small space you are working with they can make the space feel wider and larger than it is, giving this illusion of an open space where there isn’t so things don’t feel “cramped” but instead just cosy.

Or if it is a large space you are looking to place it in, it can bring in so much more light so you can really appreciate the space available and there are no dark corners to be seen but just a bright and warm room to enjoy. 

Overall, there are so many ways to spruce up your home and make it feel warmer and cosier, especially as the winter months are upon us. It is a great way to ensure you feel happy and cosy in your space without having to spend loads.

Just make sure everything you add, you enjoy and then there’s no stopping you from bringing out every winter and it becomes an annual changeover that offers a fresh start but also pieces that you get excited about bringing out and never truly get bored of.