Want To Master Minimalism? Talk To A Real Estate Agent

Minimalism is all the rage right now, but for the average person, it can be a hard lifestyle to adapt to. Simply put, we’re attached to our stuff. That’s why, if you really want to show you’re a master of minimalism, you should talk to a real estate agent.

Real estate agents have been crafting cozy, minimalist spaces for years as part of staging homes for sale; the sparse, clutter-free rooms allow potential buyers to project their own tastes onto any room and make them more likely to connect with a space. All permanent residents need to do is add their own touches to the stylishly sparse spaces to go from a staged look to home sweet home.

Paring Back The Bedroom

From a real estate agent or property manager’s perspective, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms to simplify for staging because it’s typically the most personal, but going the minimalist route in the bedroom can benefit its inhabitants as well. In particular, a minimalist bedroom encourages better sleep by reducing distractions and preventing you from becoming overstimulated when trying to settle down at night.

Once you’ve created a minimalism-inspired baseline in the bedroom, you can further improve your sleep by switching to red light bulbs, using heavy curtains to dull light and sound from outside, and ditching the TV because blue light interferes with sleep. Since most of us spend our days glued to our phones or computer screens, we need a simple space designed for rest and relaxation. Minimalism facilitates that type of environment.

Simplicity Meets Luxury

One of the main reasons that real estate agents and property managers emphasize minimalist home design when staging properties is that simplicity is often equated with luxury. When outfitting an apartment, for example, property managers keep a simple color palette and use texture to make the space warmer and more welcoming. This can be a cost-cutting measure – painting all the properties in a complex white and beige is cheaper than using a variety of colors – white also complements metallic tones, serves as a blank slate for artwork, and looks sophisticated, thereby increasing buyer appeal.

An Attainable Aesthetic

Despite its associations with luxury, another reason that minimalism is so popular is that it seems attainable. Just think about IKEA – the simple, Scandinavian style leans heavily on white, neutral woods, and metals across every room, even in the nursery, and that’s because the emphasis is on function. Everything about a minimalist space is designed to adapt, which means that it can grow with your family, or meet the needs of a new set of residents entirely, and it doesn’t take a lot of money to execute and neutrals never go out of style.

Where Clean Meets Curb Appeal

Real estate agents emphasize simple home staging because it creates curb appeal; in other words, people want to come in and take a look at the property. A big part of what produces curb appeal, though, is cleanliness. Since minimalism is about having just the necessities and things that “spark joy,” as Marie Kondo would say, though, you also have fewer items to dust, less clutter, and a generally tidier environment. As such, you’ll also experience greater peace of mind in your home because you won’t be overwhelmed by meaningless items. Instead, your home will emphasize those things that give you pleasure.

You’ll find minimalism in real estate listings, catalogs, on television, and soon – hopefully – in your own home, and though the initial paring back can be difficult, the results are worth it. A minimalist home is a home that displays your highest priorities and passions, and white walls and functional furniture provide the perfect backdrop. Embrace that simplicity, because minimalism makes a luxurious look accessible to everyone.