The Advantages of a Minimalist: 7 Reasons Why their Bedroom is the Best

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The modern world today, as we know it, is full of stress and tiring matters. Day in and day out, people travel from the house to work, then back to the house again. It’s a never ending cycle which provides a challenging experience for some individuals. Due to this stress, a person may not have enough time to arrange and clean their personal spaces.

Whether it’s a fully furnished apartment or a single bedroom, a stressed out individual’s space will be full of clutter and is a guaranteed mess. This situation is the reason why most people go for the “Minimalist’s way” of designing rooms and interior spaces.

Opting for a minimalistic preference saves a lot of time and space. To further explain why this approach is a more common trend among people of the working class and among young adults who are just starting out, here are some of the advantages a minimalist’s theme brings.

Saves a Lot of Time

Being a minimalist when it comes to interior designing is very straightforward and easy. This ease allows people to save a lot of time in decorations and arrangements. Although being simple and minimalist are two entirely different things, they are almost similar in some ways.

For example, being simple might entail a bedroom to be neat and clean while at the same time, sporting a lot of decors. A minimalist’s room is still well kept, but with very few decorations present. Due to the less clutter and items to display, a minimalistic approach saves a lot of time and hassle.

Saves More Space

As mentioned above, being a minimalist conserves a lot of time and space. The fewer objects involved, the less clutter and maintenance needed for a room. A minimalistic theme also allows people to put in more valuable items such as drawers, cabinets, and other furniture. Figuratively speaking, a minimalistic way of interior designing is actually “more for less.”

Providing lights can also highlight that space you created. Once people get to see that space, the room often radiates a clean and positive glow. Good lighting fixtures such as pendant lights in the bedroom can create the illusion of a clean, wide, and open space.

Looks Great While Saving Tons of Money

Not only does a lot of time and space get saved, but being a minimalist also lets an individual be more thrifty when it comes to purchasing decorations. A bedroom wall with white paint and an impressive centerpiece in the middle is way more attractive than a wall with lots of posters of pop stars and other clutter.

Wall sconces are also good alternatives in making a room look glamorous. Wall sconces are affordable and some are even found on garage sales.

Extra tip: Sometimes, people need reminders of their daily tasks. They need to see it before leaving the bedroom. A better way of helping them to remember these works is by using a lot of cheap post-it notes. Lighting could also play a role in making people more focus on their work.

However, some people abuse these and love to stick them almost everywhere which is untidy. A good tip for sticky note users is to post them on a wall and arrange them properly. This arrangement provides individuals a cleaner look and a relaxing view of their “daily to-do agenda.”

Less Clutter, Much Better Sleep

Whether you get a comfortable bed from some reputable sites such as BedsOnline, but your room has so much clutter laying around, you still can’t get a good night’s sleep. But with a room that has fewer messy objects, people can expect that they get the best sleep whenever they can.

Less clutter means that individuals can freely roll from side to side on their bed, without having to worry about bumping into items such as ballpoint pens, crumpled paper, bread crumbs, and other material that shouldn’t belong in bed.

In a more minimalistic view, a bedroom with few furniture such as drawers and extra cabinets mean that there is a less chance of bumping into them when a person gets sleepy while entering his or her room. Every day’s working routines put a lot of stress on people, and it only fits that they enjoy the calmness of their bedroom.

Lets You Focus on Health and Your Hobbies

Another advantage of having a room with a minimalistic approach is that a person who lives in one gets to focus more on their health. Psychologically, being a minimalist when it comes to designing a bedroom, calms the mind and relaxes the body. Task lighting can give you a good focus on simple tasks such as reading and writing.

Being a minimalist means that there are less furniture and objects in the room, lessening the chance of increasing dust and other objects. Having a cluttered room can be very dangerous as it becomes a place where dangerous creatures might reside. For example, having extra blankets in a room may provide a suitable place for bed bugs and ticks to hide.

Along with health, a minimalist also lets a person focus on their hobbies. As mentioned above, an individual who resides in a cleaner room with less clutter has a more calm mind and body. This calmness makes a person to put more effort and focus on a task, particularly on his or her hobby.

Enables a person to feel much happier

Due to the less stress that people feel while staying inside a minimalist’s room, they tend to feel more satisfied with everything. Even if faced with serious problems of everyday life, a person who has a good rest and sleeps inside a bed for minimalist is more likely to handle stressful situations much better.

More efficient in doing tasks

Being able to focus on one’s self much more, a person becomes more productive in the tasks that he or she does. This effect is how useful a bedroom can become if it has some elements of a minimalist. In some cases, people are more likely to let out their potential, compared to those who are always in a state of disarray.


More often, a lot of people experience stress every day. Bedrooms are the most go-to stress relievers because they enable a person to rest. However, some bedrooms and places lack that “neatness” that some people are looking. These rooms, instead of bringing relaxation, induce more stress to their occupants due to the clutter that they possess.

However, in today’s more modern styles to interior design, most people prefer their bedrooms to be more oriented in a minimalistic theme. Tools such as lights and using fixtures can also be a great way of improving that minimalistic look. A lot of advantages from being a minimalist is what more people are now after.

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