Useful Tips For Decorating Teenage Skateboarder’s Room

Decorating a teen’s room can be difficult. You have to think from their point of view, as teen and adults have a different image of what a bedroom should look like. For teenagers, their own room is a place where they can be themselves. This is the reason why you should let their personality be the inspiration for the room decor. After all, this is the place where they escape from reality so they need to feel like they “blend in”. If your teenage boy is obsessed with skateboarding, let them have a themed bedroom. Don’t miss these useful tips for decorating teenage skateboarder’s room!

Graffiti Wall Mural

You should always have one thing in mind: a teen bedroom is a true expression of who they are. And sometimes it is quite hard to determine this, as they are stuck somewhere between childhood and adulthood. But, we need to remember that teens are young, dynamic and rebellious. They like bold and outstanding things. This means that a nice graffiti wall mural will fit the teen spirit and skateboarding hobby perfectly. There is no better way to achieve the street art-inspired look  in a boy’s bedroom.

A graffiti mural wallpaper is the best way to make a statement in a teen’s room. Today’s teens are design-conscious and love to follow the latest trends. For a tasteful and bold look, look for a mural that fits perfectly in. To find the one, simply pick three colors from the room. Your mural should have these.

This room is a clear example of how to do it. The minimalist black and white color scheme gives you the opportunity to bring in an accent color-yellow.

graffiti wall murali 634x423 Useful Tips For Decorating Teenage Skateboarder’s Room

Add Street Signs

Looking for a way to add a street art-inspired look? Decorating with street signs is nothing new. And this is a great way to make a room look unique, apart from graffiti mural wallpaper. Do not forget that you can create an excellent wall gallery using some nice street signs. Combine them with some nice posters from Myloview and you have the ultimate wall gallery!

skaters room 2 634x423 Useful Tips For Decorating Teenage Skateboarder’s Room

Hang Skateboards On Wall

The room decor should always follow the teen’s hobbies and preferences. When you have a skater boy, then you already have the wall decor solved. Just hang some old skateboards on the wall. This will fill the room with personality and uniqueness.

How do you hang a skateboard on the wall? The following tips will give you a quick hint on how to do it:

  • Make sure that the skateboard is clean. Regular cleaning with mild soapy water will help if you want to turn that dirty skateboard into fantastic wall decor for the room.
  • Remove the trucks first. They are secured with bolts, so use a pair of pliers and a screwdriver to remove them.
  • Use fishing line to hang your skateboard. This one is transparent and will remain unnoticeable. The screw holes will help you with this one. Tie a secure knot, as fishing line tends to be slippery. Hammer a nail on the wall and hang your skateboard there.


skaters room 3 634x423 Useful Tips For Decorating Teenage Skateboarder’s Room

skaters room 634x423 Useful Tips For Decorating Teenage Skateboarder’s Room