10 tips to match your watches with your outfits

Fashion and style to project yourself

The world revolves on fashion and style and if these two important ingredients are absent from our lives we would be very dull human beings. Our exuberant attitude, and the spring in our stride coupled with a flair for colors would also add to what we would be inside and outside. It is often said that it is not we who have to follow fashion but fashion needs to follow us. This is very true because fashion has always been one man’s food whilst being another man’s poison. Hence it would be a very appropriate if we could create fashion in our own way.

There are some accepted norms which you would not be able to break or deviate from but apart from these it would be real fun to create a fashion statement unique to you. It would be something special and you could be left with elation within you knowing well that it is style that you are creating especially for you.

It would depend on whether you are a man or a woman because in such an instance fashion, could be differently managed. We take here a fashion statement for men and hope the fairer sex would find some inspiration from this. Men have a special place on the catwalk because of the least amount of accessories worn in comparison to women. They would compensate that with an image that would be special to men only.

One of the most evident and important accessories men would like to wear would be their watch and selecting one which complement their style would be important. One would stand out from the others especially with its different dials from titanium, stainless steel, rose gold and ceramic. The Hublot Big bang would be the watch that you would like to complement your personality and style. You could see more of it on, hublot big bang.

We look at what you could do with a Hublot Big Bang on your wrist and match it with your attire to bring out the best in you. The range offered by the Hublot Big Bang is superlative with a stupendous range which would be anyone’s dream watch for a very long time.

Watches are generally categorized in the following five types and would be sub-divided again into five others. We look at these ten categories and how it would be when we are to attend different functions in different attires.      

#1. Dress formal

Selecting a watch to wear with formal attire is the most important endeavor because here you would need to select the right one and it would need to blend well with the attire. Formal attire would be full suit with tie or bow tie and it would be appropriate wear a watch which would have a dial that would match the suit. A watch with a leather strap would be the best for formal occasion.

#2. Dress casual

If the occasion is not an upper lip setting but with a sprinkle of formal but bordering on casual which would bring a different environment to the proceedings then a watch with either a silver or gold and matching strap and dial would be more for the discerning stylist.  

#3. Chrono formal

Here too depending on the occasion and if the dress sense is formal you could still wear a attire that depicts a formality but with a stainless steel strap. A watch that would bring a sense of masculinity would also go well with a dress that would be a blend to formal but not in the real sense of the word.

#4. Chrono casual

Here you would dress casual with either short sleeved shirts pulled out with some bring colors to accentuate the occasion. You would be well within your style to wear a watch that would blend the dial and the dress to bring out a style of your own.

#5. Field formal

This is an outdoor setting and the dress sense would be entirely different but with a touch of formality which would depend on the occasion. A watch which would match the attire with a rough look would be great when you are on the field.

#6. Field casual

This is a totally casual occasion which would be great with a watch in either canvas or other type of strap may be even anodized strap with a look of informality attached to it.

#7. Pilot formal

These are watches with very clear dials and with the numerical clear and precise which idea originated when pilots wanted to see the time at a first glance. These watches are good for formal occasions where there are some activities related to either flying or shipping.

#8. Pilot casual

The same area of activity but in a more outdoor setting with attire that would be close to the professional depicted especially associated with flying or shipping. These watches would come in different types of straps not necessarily leather can be anything else.

#9. Diver formal

Here the watch would be more rugged and even in a formal setting it would need to bring out the type of profession associated with it. A watch with a strap of leather, with the prominent bezels would be in keeping with the occasion.

#10. Diver casual

This is one of the tough professions around and it would be appropriate to project it forcefully when among peers because it is something associated with more physical and mental strength. If you are robust in physique selecting a watch to match your macho image would be just right for the day.


It would be great to mix and match if you could have a selective wardrobe with matching watches to go with it. Style for men come from a few things that they would generally adorn themselves and how they would do it is what would depict their outlook to life. A flamboyant lifestyle is what we all would like to project and do so in style.