Upgrading Your Lawn

The lawn is a real source of pride for homeowners. It helps to frame the house itself and other landscaping, and it provides an area for recreation and socializing. A good lawn enhances home value and its beauty as well.

A good, basic lawn will provide those things for you, but the benefits will be amplified when you take them a step further. If you’re brainstorming ways to step up your game with your lawn, think about some of these ideas.

Improving the Turf

Some people feel like all grass is the same, but it is not. There are many different varieties of grass seed, each of which can provide something unique to your lawn. Understanding the particulars of what you want your lawn to look like and what you want to use it for will help you decide.

For example, you should think about things like traffic levels and your particular climate. If you are in a hot part of the country and your lawn is walked on a lot and there are often bicycles riding over it, some Buffalo grass seed will help you establish a heat-beating, traffic-tolerant lawn that will remain beautiful in spite of the demands of your family and your weather.

Make sure that you follow good procedures for establishment and care of whatever grass you choose. Grass doesn’t require a lot of maintenance other than mowing and fertilization once it’s established, but those initial steps must be done right.

Adding a Garden

You may shiver at the thought of tilling under some of your beautiful turf to add a vegetable garden, but a little patch of food crops can be very attractive. Towering corn, shiny tomatoes, and cool cabbage can make a surprisingly attractive addition to the process of getting some home-grown nutrition.

Your garden should be in a sunny, well-drained area away from septic components, and buried utilities. You should also make sure you don’t plant certain plants near walnut trees, which can actually kill tomatoes and other plants.

Make sure your site is handy for the garden hose and that it’s visible from the deck or windows. This will make it easier to accomplish routine garden chores and, more importantly, to remember to do them. Out of sight is out of mind, and a distant garden hidden behind shrubs will quickly fall victim to weeds, insects, and dry weather.

Water Upgrades

The only downside of a beautiful landscape is that it can be very still and quiet. This tranquil characteristic is often very soothing, but it can be just as pleasant when you add some motion and sound. A few rustling trees can provide that noise and motion when the wind is blowing, and water can do it any time.

A way to include water is to add a fountain. There are countless such items on the market, with as many designs and styles as there are lawns to use them in. The gentle gurgling and reflected light of moving water can really add beauty to a yard.

Ponds are also a good choice. A few koi and some lily pads add a beautiful burst of color in a landscape, and the rocky backdrop of a waterfall turns up the appeal even more. They are surprisingly easy to install and can be customized for your needs.

The lawn is more than just a nice green frame to place around the house. It can do so much more to make our homes more pleasant, more valuable, and more beautiful. There will always be a need for some green space in the yard, so some traditional grass is just as important as ever. But the type of grass you choose and the features you decide to include with it can really set your lawn apart, making your home uniquely beautiful and uniquely yours.