Unique Trends for Birth Announcements

Blessed with a baby boy, baby girl, or twins? Congratulations!! The most awaited moment has now arrived. The little child has brought lots of happiness and pleasure to your family. The next thought that arises is of sharing this happiness with everyone through making an announcement.

Your excitement level for sharing the news is at its peak. The date of the announcement is decided, now it’s time to decide how you will make the announcement. There are different ways by which this exciting news can be spread to everyone.

Calling a welcome Party:

Usually, people prefer to arrange a short celebration by calling their loved ones, close friends, and family members. This makes the crowd feel important as they are invited to share your happiness and celebrate it together with you. You can call people and invite them individually or send them birth announcement cards and invite them. Make some good arrangements for your baby and the guest who are coming to congratulate you and your family. Arranging a photo shoot will also be a perfect idea to capture the moment into a memory.

Social Media Platform:

The most common and usual way of informing the public is through social media but it’s not a great idea to convey this very special news to your beloved ones and your family. But it’s a great idea if you want to save your money and time. You can easily write a small message or an informing announcement addressing the public and giving them this great news! For example Thankyou all for your love and support, we are happy to announce our daughter Elsa was born on 7th January 2021. Do not forget to add a picture of her as people are most awaited to see your new member of the family.  Social media is a huge platform where everyone can be informed by a single post, but on the other hand, it has some disadvantages too. This includes providing information to unwanted people, getting a crowd in your home to see your baby, and managing all of them in a tough new routine. There is no hurry in informing people, you can take your time but make sure not to take more than 6 months.

Calling People:

 This is the most traditional and old method of informing everyone about birth but at the same time, it makes people feel special and significant. Calling everyone individually and giving the news increases the joy and happiness. But this is time-consuming, it requires lots of time and energy to dial numbers one by one and spread the news. Usually, people nowadays don’t prefer this way of communicating the birth announcement.

Birth Announcement card:

Making birth announcement cards is the most favorite of all as you can customize them according to your choice. Additionally, it is a more formal and creative way of announcement. The birth announcement card carries detailed information such as Date of birth, time of birth, baby’s name, and information of your choice. You can add your favorite pictures and template and make it look the way you want it to be.


Birth announcements are very special so it should be according to your wish and choice. You can make a baby boy announcement card or a baby girl announcement card accordingly. There are different means available as discussed above. It’s your choice to choose one and share your happiness.