How to Design a Spartan Bedroom in Your House

Minimalist decor is thriving, and because of this, spartan bedrooms are back in style!  This design choice, known for simplicity and bare essentials, is mostly famous for bachelor homes and apartments and college kids just starting.  If you want a spartan bedroom and aren’t sure where to start, here are the top tips to get going!

Intelligent Storage

Spartan bedrooms are slightly forgiving minimalism, so it’s essential to consider what you’re keeping in plain sight.  No design is worth getting rid of things that matter to you, so instead, consider ways to store your items.  If the gap beneath your bed isn’t readily visible, you can store bags and boxes neatly under there.  Otherwise, use every inch of your closet and dresser that you can.  Work to fit things in a compact yet pleasing way.  Eventually, you may consider paring down on what you own, but don’t let it be because of your bedroom style.

Clean Lines

Think about your furniture itself and whether it reflects the spartan look.  Most rooms decorated in this style stick to clean lines and creamy colors.  You could recreate this easily with furniture from Ikea if you wanted.  When looking at Calgary homes for sale, look for higher ceilings and sharp edges.  The aesthetic is a little severe, but it pulls across the feeling that it’s aiming for.  If you’re unsure about what shapes and textures to use, try not to vary them too wildly, and stick to a chosen two or three options each.

Minimal Colors

Color is essential as well when it comes to spartan bedrooms.  Warm off-white colors can complement the look.  Mix these with deep brown with gold accents, and you can make the look both literal and aesthetically pleasing.  Otherwise, you can create a look with any base colors you want.  Remember that too much color can create visual clutter, so try to stick to a limited palette and pay attention to how it makes you feel.  If it feels like it’s not somewhere that you’d want to live, don’t go for a color scheme because it’s something that someone else would want.  This space is your room, and it should be a space where you’ll want to sleep and enjoy your days.  

Keep Organized

As much as this should be obvious, the point of a spartan bedroom is ruined if you allow it to get messy.  Keep up with your cleanliness, and stay organized!  Don’t let clutter sneak up on you and ruin the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.  Instead, run daily or weekly sweeps to keep everything in its place.  Wipe down surfaces with microfiber cloths to rid them of any dust, and wash your sheet at least every other week to ensure you keep crisp lines.  This type of room is a great way to get into good cleaning habits.

Don’t fear changing it up down the line!  After a couple of minutes with this kind of room, reflect on how you feel about it.