Top 5 Pirate Ships from the Golden Age of Piracy

Pirates have existed since ancient times. But, there was a period of time during which they were particularly prolific. The years between 1650 and 1720 saw thousands of pirates terrorizing the seas and were later dubbed “The Golden Age of Piracy”   

Despite the fact that the majority of pirates were ruthless murderers, the elements of freedom and adventure associated with piracy have fascinated people since the beginning, says Premier Ship Models, a company that makes some of the best pirate ship models. So, here are the 5 most infamous pirate ships from the so-called Golden Age of Piracy.

Queen Anne’s Revenge

Edward Teach aka Blackbeard was among the most dreadful pirates in history. In 1717, he captured a French slave trading ship named La Concorde. He then mounted 40 cannons on it, renamed it as Queen Anne’s Revenge and made it his flagship. Blackbeard ruled the seas for nearly a year with his 40-cannon warship before it ran aground and had to be abandoned.


Whydah aka Whydah Gally was a British slave trading ship before it was captured by the pirate Sam Bellamy. With its 28 cannons, pirate Whydah terrorized the eastern coastline of colonial America for two months before getting wrecked in a storm in April 1717. Despite its short tenure as a pirate ship, Whydah Gally is among the most popular choices for making famous pirate model ships.

Royal Fortune

Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts had a highly successful three year career as a pirate. He captured and looted hundreds of vessels over this period of time. Black Bart would always name his flagship Royal Fortune. The last and probably the most famous Royal Fortune was a huge warship manned by more than 150 men and having 40 cannons. This behemoth could even battle with the Royal Navy ships of that time. Black Bart was killed aboard this ship in 1722.

The Adventure Galley

Captain William Kidd was a promising seafarer in 1696 when he decided to embark on a privateering expedition. For the voyage, which would be funded by some of his rich friends, Kidd acquired the monstrous Adventure Galley and mounted 34 guns onto it. However, he didn’t have much luck in his mission of hunting French pirates and vessels.

Under pressure from his crew, he himself turned to piracy. Later on, he returned to New York and in hopes of clearing his name, turned himself in. However, he was hanged nonetheless.


Major Stede Bonnet was a rich plantation owner and family man living in Barbados. But, at the age of 30, he suddenly made the decision to become a pirate. He bought a small ship, outfitted it with 10 guns and named it Revenge. During his short-lived career as a pirate, he was known as the Gentleman Pirate due to his background. He worked closely with Blackbeard, who eventually betrayed him, thus ending his piracy days.

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