5 Ways to Advertise Your Rental Property in 2019

Countless people enter the rental market each day looking for their perfect home. When you want your property to stand out among the competition, you have to utilize an advertising strategy designed to invite the best possible tenants to come check out your property.

Whether your property is new to the scene or you have been struggling for weeks to get it off the market, here are some of the best advertising strategies you should use to bolster tenant interest.

Create a website

The best form of advertising is free advertising. But before you settle on a potentially unreliable site like Craigslist, you should really focus on improving your own website.

If you haven’t made a website for your properties, you’re missing out on a valuable form of advertising. Luckily, there are countless free website creators that you can utilize to build a great website for your rental units, properties, and townhouses.

While a small advertisement in the local paper is limited to fewer than 250 words, your website can feature every aspect of your rental properties in great detail. This is a great link to place in these short local ads.

On your website, you can include information about utilities, parking, showcase pictures of your properties, and you can even feature a draft of your rental application. Renters want extensive information on a property before they go on a tour, so make it accessible for them.  

Use SEO strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies make it easier for potential tenants to find your website. You can do this by creating informative blogs, using long tail keywords throughout your website, and backlinking to reputable sites in order to make your website more prolific on the web.

You should also be sure that your site is streamlined for mobile use. Not only does this look better for search engines, like Google, who crawl your site, but it also engages the user in a more immediate way. Studies show that more than 53 percent of mobile users will abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Unfortunately, this type of strategy won’t show results the next day, or even the next week. Playing the long game, however, makes it certain that you receive quality tenants in the future.  

But don’t be afraid to shell out for advertisements

Creating a website is only the first step in your advertising process. When you want to connect with local renters, including these links in reputable sources, like in the newspaper and on house hunting sites, is essential. You’ll need a budget for this, so if you need to use income from other tenants or try out the shooting star candle strategy on the stock market, you should be willing to shell out some extra cash.

There are three primary pieces of information to include in paid-for advertisements: a great picture of your property, a brief description, and contact information for serious renters. Keep it brief in your ad and connect them to an informative page featuring the finer aspects of your property.

Invest in quality photos

Even a fantastic property will look terrible without the best photography. Use great pictures to showcase the expansive layout of your home. This includes investing in the proper staging of the home to give your renter a better idea of the possibilities they can achieve.

If you aren’t able to hire a professional photographer, try small tricks to improve your own photography skills. For example, great lighting is essential in avoiding grainy pictures. It’s small fixes like these that can truly help turn a house into a home online.

Social media is king

You would be surprised to learn about how many people rely on their friends for help in finding a new apartment. When you want to receive more rental applications, using social media is one of the best ways to showcase valuable information about your property, answer questions in real time, and advertise online.

The best way to use these sites is by creating a Facebook page or an Instagram account for your business. However, your friends can use word of mouth to share information that your post on your personal account as well.