Things You Might Not Have Thought About When Car Shopping

The car purchasing process can be a difficult one and particularly if you have not done it before. There are many different things that you need to consider and it is important that you are careful to avoid scams, but with plenty of research and a little patience you should be able to find what you are looking for. Here are a few of the less obvious aspects that you need to consider when shopping for a new vehicle.


Colour is not usually one of the major priorities when shopping for a vehicle, but this should be something that every motorist carefully considers not only out of personal preference. If you plan to sell the car down the line (highly likely), the colour could have a huge impact on its resale value. White retains its value best (5% more than other colours) followed by black and grey. Orange green and yellow are all the worst when it comes to resale value.

Check the Warranty

If you are buying a used car from somewhere like AA Cars, always check to see if it is still under warranty as most manufacturer’s warranties only last for three years. If it has expired, you might want to take out an extended warranty to protect you from the costs of unexpected electrical or mechanical faults (which can occur at any time).

Vehicle History Check

You should never purchase a used car without getting a vehicle history check carried out. It can be impossible to know a car’s past by simply looking at it, so a history check can reveal if it is harbouring a dark secret – this could include outstanding finance, previously written off, stolen etc.


It is easy to forget about with so many other aspects to consider, but you will need to have insurance in place before you are allowed to drive off the forecourt so remember to arrange this prior to purchasing. If you do not have time, driveaway insurance is a good temporary solution.

These are four important aspects to consider when purchasing a used vehicle. There are many factors to think about and it can feel overwhelming at times, but it is important that you are thorough and patient when it comes to buying a used car as there are many unsafe vehicles and fraudulent sellers to be aware of. Keep the above in mind and always give any vehicle a thorough inspection before buying to make sure that you are getting the right vehicle.