How to Repurpose a Pallet

The amount of wood which ends up in landfill each year is staggering. Wooden pallets are particularly common in landfill sites, largely because of the boom in online shopping. Pallets are commonly used for shipping, but when they’ve outlived their usefulness they’re simply thrown into landfill. However, instead of throwing these pallets away, there’s so many different ways they can be repurposed.

If you want to do your bit for the environment, why not look into the many ways you can repurpose wooden pallets?

Create a unique, distinctive bed frame

If you’re looking for a practical way to repurpose wooden pallets, why not turn them into a bed frame? To create a wooden pallet bedframe, you’ll only need around 4 pallets to create a large double or king size bed frame.

You can also use wood pallets to create a child’s bed. They’ll love a wooden style bed and you could even enlist their help to create it.

Wall art

If you love to give the home a unique design, why not use wooden pallets as wall art? You can either use them as a frame or use the entire pallet and stencil a design onto it before hanging it on a feature wall.

You can even get creative and produce different sized pallet wall art which can be placed around the home.

A pot plant holder

You’ll find high quality pallets, like the ones used by National Pallets, can also work well as a pot plant holder. This is great if you have a small garden and struggle to find the space to grow your own plants.

Simply treat the pallet with a weatherproof coating, before standing it and securing it against something such as a fence. Then, use the shelves to store your potted plants.

A Bookcase

Another very simple use for repurposed pallets, is to use them as a bookcase. Again, you’ll want to paint or stain the pallet for a vintage, impressive look. You can add little legs, so the bookshelf can standalone, or secure it to a wall. This is a really clever storage solution and it will also create a great focal point in the room too.

As you can see, there’s so many ways you can repurpose old wooden pallets. You’ll be helping out the environment, as well as creating a more stylish home. So, why not find some old wooden pallets today and start repurposing them into your décor?