The top 5 photography trends to keep an eye out for in the new year

Trends always come and go, but how does one keep an eye out for the ones that really matter in the long run? In a nutshell, how exactly does one figure out which trends will ultimately stand the test of time? There is really no easy answer to that one now. After all, every photographer out there has his own unique skills and needs and thus, different trends are sought-after by different photographers out there as well. That is what most people need to realize and understand in a nutshell.

The world of photography is a constantly varied beast and one must do all they can to keep up with the times. Considering just how fast technology and trends evolve years after year hand in hand, this is hardly surprising in the grand scheme of things. This is a fact, whether you are talking about getting hold of a top-class Photographer in Wolverhampton or even an expert on Interior Photography, for that matter.

With the ebb and flow of trends on a yearly basis, one needs to make sure that they have their very own personal style to portray. That is the key. So if you are ready to take a look into the future year and see what is in store for you and your camera, let’s delve into the top five photography trends that you should keep an eye out for:

  • The resurrection of film photography: Admittedly, this is not the only old photography trend making a comeback, but it is certainly one of the most important ones for sure. Sure, nostalgia is one of the main reasons why a lot of photographers are going back to the aspect of film photography in a way rarely seen before, but there are other reasons.

    For instance, it is the perfect way to hone your creative and technical skills the old-fashioned way since one does not have the luxury of trial and error to check the results every single time they click a picture.

  • DSLR cameras are becoming more of a niche than commonplace: This is one of the most noticeable trends of the lot. Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the fact that it is not the great gear that gets you the good pictures, but rather a good sense of experience and technical skills behind the camera.

    With the advent of mirrorless cameras as well as smartphone technology, more and more amateur photographers are turning to these two aspects. Finally, it all boils down to personal preferences in general, but people who prioritize lens selection, ergonomics and battery life tend to gravitate towards DSLR cameras in particular.

  • The aspect of dramatic landscapes: Nowadays, a lot of photographers have started using the entirety of the frame to compose their shots making sure that every inch of the photo can be used for maximum effect. From underexposed pictures, we can be expected to see the usage of a lot more vivid colors as well as high contrast levels. It is clear that the realm of landscape photos will get a freshly-invigorated shot in the arm this year.

  • Aerial photography is no longer niche: Gone are the days when aerial photography was only reserved for the rich and famous. Now, things have become a lot less expensive on the whole and good quality drones have become quite commonplace. Because of this, both travel and landscape photography are experiencing a surge like never before.

  • Candid photography: In today’s day and age, more and more people are looking for authenticity and displays of genuine emotion in a picture. Which is exactly why candid photography fits the bill perfectly. If employed in a smart manner, one can get the best and most emotive pictures that way.

Finally, with the above trends, one can be sure of the fact that you will be completely occupied trying to figure out which of the trends suit your photographic style in particular. It is worthy to note that doing that is of vital importance if one is to figure out the kind of photography that they want to pursue on the whole. A lot of the trends listed do take a bit of time getting used to, so patience is certainly the key when it comes down to figuring out which of them work the best for you in particular.

Most of all, one can be sure of the fact that outdoor photography is here to stay for quite a while now. This particular trend had gained a significant big of momentum last year itself and due to the sheer vastness of this particular trend, there will be room for many related subtrends to take root as well. Product photography is one of them and one can expect the fact that even offline and online advertising will be an integral part of this trend and many more.